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ONESolution (formally IFAS) Reports

Attention: IFAS is coming to end-of-life and soon it will be replaced with ONESolution.

The University of Hawai‘i Foundation is currently in the process of upgrading its financial system. As a result, UHF will also be launching a new reporting tool, which will be available on May 8, 2017. The reports that are currently available in IFAS will be migrated to ONESolution.

Although the reporting system will have a new look, the reports will have the same information as the reports currently available in IFAS and can be downloaded into Excel.

We encourage you to login and explore the new system. If you’re interested in gaining access to the new system, please contact Brenda Goo at 956-8412 or

Please check back again for future updates!

ONESolution Report Guide

IFAS Online Access

Online access to IFAS reports is available to all account administrators and their support staff. Please note that the system can accommodate 6 account administrators and administrative support staff per account.

To request account access:

  1. Fill out the account request form.
  2. A hardcopy memo from either the account administrator or the dean/department chair authorizing access to specific accounts for administrative staff. This memo should be sent to Alice Hong at Bachman Annex 12 (no faxes).
  3. Once the memo is received along with the IFAS account request form, access to the accounts will be added to the specified accounts.

Login Request Access Report Guides

Other Useful References

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