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Will Henderson

Because Will cherished his time and experience with the staff at Queen's, he wanted to create a transformational gift to benefit their children's futures. As a result, Will established two charitable gift annuities that created an endowed scholarship fund to support children of Queen's employees.

Randy and Jean Jaycox

"We want to promote science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, and we thought Windward was a great place to do it," said Randy Jaycox. "We believe strongly that education is the key for people to go places and do things."

Henry Renteria

Perseverance and the utmost confidence to succeed were the core values in my life decisions and professional goals, which I imparted to my students.

James & Elizabeth McCutcheon

Because UH Mānoa had been so important to James, Elizabeth decided a scholarship in his name and for his interest areas was most appropriate. The James M. McCutcheon Memorial Endowed Scholarship awards scholarships to first year Master’s students in American history and American Studies.

Cynthia Yumei Ning

With an eye on the future, Chung-Fong and Grace sent their eldest son and daughter to America for college. The two teenagers arrived with a few belongings, full scholarships, and $500 cash each, in the late 1950s. A decade later, the family followed and eventually made Hawai'i home.