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The Centennial Campaign and UH Hilo

Amount Raised: $15.4 million

Bequest Intentions: $0.2 million
These are lifetime gifts that donors have notified UHF that they have included in their estate plans. Many donors include the university in their estate plans without notifying UHF of their intentions.

Total Raised: $15.6 million

Number of Donors: Nearly 6,500

Alumni Participation: 9%
This is the percentage of UH Hilo alumni who made gifts to UH Hilo during the 7-year campaign.

Endowed Gifts: $2.2 million
Endowed gifts are invested. Income generated from these investments provide annual support in perpetuity.

Examples of how the Campaign Benefited UH Hilo

Enhancing Academic Excellence: More than $5.7 million raised

Funds used for academic support, program enrichment, faculty and staff support/awards, fellowships.

Funds also for the library and special programs including 'Imiloa Astronomy Center, the North Hawaiʻ Education and Research Center and the Performing Arts Center.

Strengthening Undergraduate Education: More than $4.7 million raised

Funds for student aid and services programs including 62 new student aid accounts that bring the total number of UH Hilo student aid accounts managed by UHF to 110.

Fulfilling UH Hilo's Research Mission: More than $2.8 million raised

Funds for multidisciplinary research and maximizing the island's geographic and natural learning laboratory settings.

Capital Projects: More than $79,000 raised

Includes funds to launch the design and building phase of the College of Pharmacy.

Athletics Programming: More than $800,000 raised

Other Program Support: More than $1.3 million raised

For Our University, Our Hawai‘i, Our Future