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Taking Art Out Of The Studios

December 5, 2017
  • Art at Large

Opportunity to Scale Up

The UH Mānoa Art department offers a number courses in painting. As students advance in the curriculum they often want to do larger works because it offers exciting creative and material challenges. The department's painting studios are used by a number of classes so it is not possible for students to scale up in our communal spaces.

The ART AT LARGE project comes to their rescue because it allows the students a rare opportunity to both scale up as well as test out their ideas and skills to a broad audience far beyond their professors and peers.

Bringing Art to the People

Public art serves an important civic need. It provides spaces for individual expression and public discourse that is not at the service of the market. Additionally, since many people do not regularly visit galleries and museums, art in public space brings art to the people.

Building on a Proud History

Hawai‘i is the first state in the nation to have a “percent for art” law that established a separate, reliable source of revenue to administer an 'Art in Public Places Program'.

The law was established in 1967 and designated one percent of the construction costs of new buildings for the acquisition of works of art, either by commission or purchase. Thanks to this legislation, UH Mānoa has been awarded many amazing artworks, quite a few by internationally renowned artists.

Selected examples include:

  • Bachman Hall mural by Jean Charlot
  • Law School path sculpture by George Segal
  • Health Center sculpture by Robert Stackhouse
  • Architecture Building Light Sculpture by James Carpenter

The artistic explorations of a group of University of Hawaii at Manoa students went large scale and public thanks to this mural project at the site of the future clinical building for the William S. Richardson School of Law. About 13 student artists participated and their work is featured on the plywood barricades surrounding the construction site at the corner of Dole Street.

2017 / ART AT LARGE 2.0 (HENKE HALL I / Work in Progress)


Jimi (Tita) Coloma
Anne Fontanilla
Jelly Freedle
Aubrey Gamboa
Gideon Gerlt
Dannah Hildago
Tommy Hite
Richard In
Li (Pan) Kaipeng
Kristelle Kawasaki
Mary Kim
Sok Kim
Jenny Liang
Zoey Liu
Chrissi Morales
Kailee Morikubo
Carson Pellanda
Kylie Popa
Kurt Sakahara
Boz Schurr
Geoff Siu
Mark Yoshizumi

Henke Hall

Join us

Each iteration of ART AT LARGE costs $2,000-3,000.

Questions? / More Information

If you would like to learn how you can support UH students and programs like this, please contact us at 808 376-7800 or send us a message.