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December 16, 2016
  • Thomas Whelan, Jr.

Thomas Whelen, Jr. Endowed Chair in Surgery

For nearly 16 years, Thomas J. Whelan, Jr. MD – aka “THE GENERAL” – was the heart and soul of the Department of Surgery at the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM). He was an extraordinary teacher, mentor and friend to the faculty and trainees in the Department of Surgery, but the impact of his achievements goes far beyond the chain of his disciples. He influenced the entire Hawaiʻi surgical community with the knowledge he shared and the moral standards he set.

Hear from local surgeons and learn about Thomas Whelan in this touching video produced by the JABSOM Communications office.

Outstanding Surgeon’s Influence Lives On

Dr. Whelan led by the power of his example. His ultimate goal was to turn his charges into outstanding surgeons, skilled at their craft yet caring – in his own image. Even now, those who trained under him carry out his legacy. Many a patient who has never heard of Tom Whelan is benefiting from his influence.

Join the Whelan Society

The Department of Surgery invites former residents, friends and colleagues of Dr. Whelan to further honor his legacy by becoming lifetime members of the newly established Whelan Society.

A $5,000 gift to the Thomas J. Whelan, Jr., MD Endowed Chair will honor Dr. Whelan and provide resources to enhance the research, education and clinical missions of the department.

Whelan Society membership benefits include invitations to the annual Whelan Society lecture and reception that will be held at JABSOM each August. Members will also receive Whelan Society lapel pins so they can proudly demonstrate their esteem for a superb educator, leader, mentor and surgeon.

See photos from the Whelan Gala

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