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November 1, 2012
  • Honor Hinshaw’s Service & Support Students

Chancellor Virginia S. Hinshaw Endowed Scholarship

Marking a remarkable tenure and providing financial assistance to deserving students

On July 2, 2007, Dr. Virginia Hinshaw assumed leadership of the UH System's oldest and largest campus – UH Mānoa. As chancellor, Hinshaw dedicated herself to this leadership position and her positive impact can be felt throughout the campus.

Hinshaw's positive approach to problem solving, upbeat personality and leadership inspired the teamwork necessary to address many of the issues facing the university during her tenure.

  • While she was chancellor, UH Mānoa earned full WASC accreditation for the maximum term of 10 years – a clear indication of advances in ensuring student success, ranging from enhanced advising with four-year graduation plans to improved availability of required courses.
  • Today, the campus welcomes a growing student population and houses almost 4,000 students in transformed residence halls, now described as “awesome.”
  • UH Mānoa offers increased financial aid to ensure access for Hawaiʻi's students and also provides a smoother transition for transfer students from UH community colleges to continue their education.

Her departure as chancellor prompted her fans, both inside and outside the university, to join together and honor her in a meaningful way.

Efforts are underway to establish a lasting legacy by creating the Chancellor Virginia S. Hinshaw Endowed Scholarship.

This scholarship will benefit the following academic areas:

  • Undergraduate scholars in athletics
  • Native Hawaiian music
  • Sustainability
  • Graduate scholars in biomedical research

Whether or not friends and colleagues can contribute to the scholarship, all are encouraged to share quotes, comments, and memories with the Chancellor as she prepares to step down. Please forward your best wishes and reminiscences to her at [email protected].

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