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Here are current fundraising needs to consider as you make your philanthropic plans. There are many more that are not highlighted here. If you are interested in a particular area of study or project, please contact us and we will help you determine if there is a match between your passions and interests with the university’s aspirations.


Our UH campuses have not been the same without our students. Opportunity awaits them in their classrooms and labs, in their cohorts, internships and extracurricular activities.


We can’t predict what comes next, but we can prepare for weeks of interrupted life, and when even our most diligent preparedness falls short, we can lift each other up.

A Mentor Remembered

Kapi‘olani Community College Chancellor Louise Pagotto said Bender was pivotal in her academic and professional life. She wrote, “|LS|In 1982|RS| Dr. Bender enticed me into focusing on Marshallese by telling me that he had hundreds of Marshallese sentences on computer tape and a full concordance of every word in every sentence.

Help Bring Hawaiian Culture to the Stage

The new Hawaiian Theatre program at UH Mānoa enthralled a diverse audience on Feb. 20 with its inaugural production, La‘ieikawai. You can help it thrive.

Support Local Food Entrepreneurs

In Hawaiʻi where 90% of all food is imported, building a thriving local food industry is key to food security and sustainability. The Maui Food Innovation Center is a business incubator designed to help build the local food industry

Pūpūkāhi I Holomua

Pūpūkāhi I Holomua is an elite philanthropic society for University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Athletics that supports student-athlete success and ability to achieve their ambitious academic and athletic goals.

Scholarship established in honor of former UH Hilo soccer star

"It is our hope that this scholarship will help preserve her legacy and keep alive within the Vulcan program the spirit that she brought to every practice and match."

Nurturing the Scholarly and Creative Endeavors in American Studies

With the University of Hawai‘i’s unique location in the Pacific, the Department of American Studies has built areas of special expertise in Indigenous Studies and U.S. relations with Asia and Pacific.

Keeping Labor Leader’s Story Alive

Ah Quon McElrath (1915-2008), aka “AQ,” was one of the most important labor and community leaders in Hawai‘i’s history.

Safe for Elephants and People

When African elephants leave the safety of wildlife parks and wander onto farmland, the consequences can be serious.

Glass Studio Improvements Ensure Unbroken Tradition

The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa’s glass art area, designed in 1972, is one of the nation’s first glass studios built within a university.

Nurturing Philosophy and Ethics in Education

The University of Hawai‘i Uehiro Academy for Philosophy and Ethics in Education is the home of philosophy for children Hawai‘i (p4cHI). p4cHI is an innovative approach to education that is transforming the schooling experience by engaging people in the activity of philosophy.