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UH System Priorities

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Graduating Hawai‘i’s Future

Having a college degree opens a lifetime of doors. Education is the great social equalizer and by helping Native Hawaiians, low-income students and those from underserved populations succeed in college and graduate on time, UH can help change the trajectory of their lives.

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Innovation for a new Hawai‘i economy

Every year UH research and innovation brings millions of dollars into Hawai‘i’s economy while finding solutions to global challenges. With the talent, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and natural resources we have at UH, the sky is the limit.


Building a 21st century university: providing the best environment

Modernize classrooms and provide facilities to enhance the learning environment for students.


Maximizing our unique system to benefit our community

UH is committed to making the most out of its unique unified statewide system of public higher education by streamlining operations and enhancing transparency to maximize savings.

With your support, we will meet emerging workforce needs and prepare the leaders of the future; become the foremost indigenous-serving university in the U.S.; drive Hawai‘i’s social, cultural and economic well-being; advance sustainability at home and around the world; and seed the discoveries that will shape tomorrow.

Together, we can move Hawai‘i and its people – and our nation and world – toward a remarkable future.

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