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Journey Beyond

The spirit of discovery has shaped Hawai‘i since the first Polynesians migrated to the islands more than 1,500 years ago. Today, the quest for new horizons, new knowledge and new innovations continues. At the University of Hawai‘i, we are driven across all 10 campuses by a desire to continually move forward, to innovate, explore and educate  in ways that improve the quality of life for all Hawaiians and better our world. We think of it as the Journey Beyond.

Journey Beyond. It’s our charge to move past current realities and expectations. To seek new possibilities. To find novel solutions to tough problems. To pursue boundless ambitions.

Making Education

High-quality, real-world education minus the burden of soaring tuition and student debt

Putting the
Students First

Small classes, personal attention, and ongoing support for a community of diverse students

Adapting To The

The ability to meet critical workforce needs and contribute to a diversifying state economy


Seamless transitions for students wanting to continue their studies at a four-year college

The Promises We Keep

The University of Hawai‘i’s seven community colleges — located on the islands of O‘ahu, Kaua‘i, Maui and Hawai‘i — are among the best values in higher education today.

Our students are able to attend college (two semesters) for roughly $3,500 a year. Our highly dedicated faculty know the names of their students and are invested in their educational journeys. And our dedicated staff members are likewise committed to the outcomes and success of each and every student. education.

The Time Is Now

With your support, UH will play a pivotal role in meeting emerging workforce needs and preparing the leaders of the future; firmly positioning the University of Hawai‘i as the most diverse and dynamic university system in the nation; and advancing Hawai‘i's social, cultural and economic well-being.

The focus begins with our students and the need to increase Hawai‘i's educational capital. An educated labor force and engaged citizenry is essential in today’s global economy. That’s why UH has put considerable resources behind the statewide 55 by 25 Campaign to increase the percentage of working age adults with college degrees to 55 percent by 2025 — up from the current 42 percent.

That’s a noble and timely ambition that requires new levels of private philanthropy to fully achieve. With your help, the Journey Beyond begins today.

Support The Journey

Together, we can move Hawai‘i and its people toward a remarkable future.
Together, we can Journey Beyond

For information on supporting The University of Hawai‘i Community Colleges, please contact:

KC Collins
Executive Director of Development, Regional and Community Colleges
(808) 956-3458 •