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Honolulu Community College

Honolulu Community College is a well-established institution with a deep-rooted history woven into the fabric of the community we service. With incredible faculty and staff, amazing students and alumni, and wonderful industry and community partners, together, we are Building a Community of heroes.

Like No Place On Earth

Located in the bustling, multicultural industrial urban core, Honolulu Community College provides high-quality, real-world education and training necessary for success in a fast evolving, global marketplace. As we approach our 100th anniversary in 2020 we plan to attract an even broader community of students while developing innovative programs that address opportunities in the real world  From agriculture to aquaculture, from renewable energy to creative media to the sciences — Honolulu CC is helping build a prosperous future for Hawai‘i.

Campus Points of Pride

Honolulu Community College is recognized as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Two Year (CAE2Y). This program, which is sponsored by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, recognizes colleges and universities who have met their standard for excellence in cyber security training. Honolulu CC is the only collegiate institution in Hawai‘i to have achieved this recognition. For the second consecutive year, Honolulu Community College’s Computing, Electronics, & Networking Technology (CENT) Program has placed in the top three for the “At-Large” regional of the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) the past several years..

Honolulu Community College serves as the hub for all apprenticeship programs for union trades on O‘ahu. Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Apprenticeship Program has an educational partnership between Honolulu Community College and the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. More than 2,000 graduates provide maintenance for our nation’s Naval fleet to keep them “Fit to Fight.”

The Peace Memorial Park is one of only three sites in the United States to hold sections of the Berlin Wall. The 12-foot, three-ton section of the wall stands on the Honolulu CC campus the way it stood in Berlin – with the graffiti-covered side facing the west. Honolulu Community College is home to a free, permanent exhibit of dinosaur fossils available for public viewing.

Located towards the piko, or center of Honolulu CC, Ka Māla o Niuhelewai has received the Scenic Hawaiʻi Betty Crocker Landscape Award for Xeriscape in 2012, and most recently, the Honolulu Community College Sustainability Award at the 2014 Hawaiʻi Sustainability in Higher Education Summit.  Since 2011, 20 Hawaiian varieties of kalo (taro) have been planted and the campus received a $25,000 grant from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs to plant Hawaiian varieties of kalo in a dry land māla (cultivated field).

Honolulu Community College was the leader in the utilization of the World Wide Web by offering the first campus-wide information Web server in May 1993 by Distinguished Alumnus Kevin Hughes, internationally recognized in Web design and software and a member of the WWW Hall of Fame. Pacific Center for Advanced Technology Training (PCATT) started in 2001 with two major programs, the Cisco Academy and Sun Microsystems Education, and today has partnerships with VMware, Siemens, Red Hat, Oracle, Autodesk, Microsoft, and others. PCATT is a consortium of the University of Hawai‘i Community Colleges, headquartered at Honolulu Community College.

The Mike Curb MELE Studio opened in 2010 thanks to a generous donation by the Mike Curb Family Foundation. The Music and Entertainment Learning Experience (MELE) program features a state-of-the-art recording studio and is the only program in the state that offers an Associate of Science degree in Music Business and Audio Engineering. The program aims to expand the reach of Hawai‘i’s music industry.

Wave of Momentum

Honolulu CC is riding a wave of momentum. The size and quality of our student body continues to grow. We have added new degree programs including Hawaiian Studies and Natural Sciences. We’ve also furthered our global imprint with new partnerships in Japan that include Kadan Automotive Technical College in Sendai, Okinawa Women’s Jr. College in Okinawa, and Gifu Beauty College in Gifu. Despite these achievements, there is no room for complacency. We must continue to improve, expand and reach out to students, families, and communities to create a bright future for all of Hawai‘i.

That’s worth fighting for. That’s worth investing in. That’s why we need you.

Funding Priorities

Student Scholarships and Financial Aid

Nearly one-third of all students at Honolulu CC receive some form of financial aid. The cost of tuition, books, fees and related expenses — though modest when compared to many colleges — remain beyond reach for many students. Critical support is needed to help students afford college and reach for a better life. We strive to ensure that every student can afford to attend Honolulu CC, regardless of family finances. Nothing else we do to improve the quality of a University of Hawai‘i education will matter if students and families cannot afford the opportunities we offer.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss named and endowed scholarship possibilities.

Student Opportunities Fund

Having the means to purchase textbooks and study materials by the first day of class helps keep Honolulu CC students enrolled and on track toward earning a degree. Many of our students are the first in their families to attend college. Many are unable to receive financial aid assistance. This fund will provide emergency financial support for students who are facing financial difficulties that may become obstacles that keep them from pursing a degree.

Monetary, need-based awards will be used to cover the costs of attendance, including books, tuition, supplies, bus money, sick child care and so forth.

Academic Success Incentive

Honolulu CC recently passed a groundbreaking policy that requires mandatory placement testing for incoming students. Such a policy is considered a best practice by Achieving the Dream, a nationwide initiative to improve student success and graduation rates. Gifts to the campaign will be used to encourage and reward students who are taking and/or completing math and English courses.

Funds will provide incentives to reward successful completion of these courses, and/or to pay mentors to teach and encourage fellow students in their development courses.

Student Union

Honolulu CC’s long-range development plan, approved in 2011, recognizes the urgent need to reorganize program spaces, encourage student engagement, and accommodate a growing student population that exceeds the capacity of existing and outdated facilities. A critical step calls for renovating our current Science Building for use as a Student Union. The new facility will serve as a gathering place for students and also house, in one central location, all student support services, including financial aid, counseling, the career center and student lounge.

Go Forward! Program

The Go Forward! Program will provide transformative college experiences for students who have not considered higher education as a viable opportunity. Each year a cohort of students will participate in a Summer Bridge Student Success program, followed by a first-year program experience that further supports their entry into higher education. Your gift will provide scholarship and academic support for students who have financial or other barriers limiting college success.

Scholarship support includes, but is not limited to, costs associated with attendance (tuition, books, fees, child care, etc.) and academic coaches for both summer and academic year attendance.

Advanced Technology Training Center

Since its founding in 1920, Honolulu CC has established itself as the technological training center of the Pacific. The facility currently housing most of Honolulu CC’s science programs was built close to 50 years ago. The College’s ability to remain innovative and dynamic is severely impacted by the aging and limiting capacity of its science and technological facilities. The creation of an advanced technology-training center (ATTC) will serve as the cornerstone for how Honolulu will build a stronger Hawai‘i. A $30 million-plus allocation approved by the State Legislature will fund construction of the new center.

Private philanthropy will support the purchase of much-needed new equipment and will give donors options for five-year sponsoring and permanent naming opportunities.

Music & Entertainment Learning Experience (MELE)

The MELE program at Honolulu CC, launched in 2007, provides students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the business of music. The program includes a focus on workforce development (the music and entertainment industry embraces about 50 different career paths). MELE continues to grow in popularity, with more than 500 students registering for courses in the past four years. The program has a partnership with Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, home to the second largest music production center in the U.S.

Gifts to the campaign will help strengthen MELE and extend its educational, cultural, and economic reach by offering scholarship support to students who pursue degrees in Music Business and Production and Audio Engineering Technology.

Questions? / More Information

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