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Shidler College of Business

With dynamic Asian economies growing at breath-taking speed, there is an overwhelming demand from both sides of the Pacific for business knowledge that will address the challenges and unlock the opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Shidler College of Business is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this shift of economic strength from the West to Asia. Our position is to be the pre-eminent business school in preparing future Asia-Pacific business leaders.

Top Ranking & Phenomenal Growth

The UH architectural program offers the world an ideal laboratory to study problems of 21st century environmental design and resilience. Because we live on an island that depends on limited local food and energy supplies, we are acutely sensitive to philosophical and ethical dimensions of cultural and economic diversity, cooperation, and collaboration.

Our island perspective amplifies the singular role of architecture, design and urbanism to ensure safe, healthy, and resilient environments for our communities, while also elevating community values and aspirations.

  • The College began recruiting and retaining world-class faculty with the help of increased faculty endowments from 6 in 2005 to 38 in 2015. As a result, the marketing faculty is currently recognized among the best worldwide for their research activities and ranked among the top for citations.
  • The College increased the number of scholarships awarded from 161 in 2005 to 290 in 2015. The number of scholarship endowment funds increased from 15 in 2005 to 68 in 2015. On average 17% of students receive merit scholarship support. As a result, enrollment at Shidler College is up 6%.
  • The College hired critical support staff such as those in the Office of Student Services and the Office of Internships and Career Placement. As a result, the number of undergraduate students placed in internships doubled to 470 in 2014. In 2013-2014, 75% of graduating seniors were placed in jobs, in their major, 3 months after graduation and 83% of full-time MBA students were placed in jobs 3 months after graduation.
  • Facilities were improved such as the classrooms, courtyard, landscaping, lighting, security, signage and building exterior, as well as enhanced common areas for students.
  • The Office of Alumni Relations and Development was expanded. As a result, the College experienced an increase in alumni participation and donations. The College boasts the largest alumni association chapter in the UH System with increased alumni activities in Hawai‘i, U.S. West Coast, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Mainland China and Hong Kong.
  • The Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship (PACE) was reinvigorated to develop and support aspiring entrepreneurs. PACE develops cross discipline partnership with other units to create entrepreneurial opportunities for the University.
  • The College created new academic programs such as the Global MBA (full-time) with country specific tracks, Vietnam Executive MBA in Ho Chi Minh City, Distance Learning EMBA with Health Care Management Track, MS in Civil Engineering/MBA, MS in Nursing/MBA, and Freshman Direct Admit Program. Overall, enrollment has increased to approximately 1,500 in 2014. More specifically, enrollment increased for the Vietnam Executive MBA, Distance Learning MBA, Executive MBA, Master of Human Resource Management, and Freshman Direct Admit Program

Funding Priorities

Scholarship Endowments

Provide scholarship support to the best and brightest students.  Each year, scholarships are the deciding factor for students whether they may begin or continue their college education.

Student Type Residency Type Tuition & Fees
Undergraduate Resident $5,810.00
Non-Resident $15,206.00
Graduate Resident $10,024.00
Non-Resident $17,200.00

High costs of attendance, combined with rising enrollments and shrinking budgets, have resulted in a record level of financial need for our students—and a record level of opportunity for private donors.

At Shidler College, we are proud to award on average $1 million in scholarships to over 550 students each academic year.  This tremendous level of support helps them graduate on time and without debt, as well as get involved with student activities.  Scholarships attract the best students, enable those who seriously apply themselves to their studies to remain in school, recognize academic achievement, and promote diversity among the student body.

The establishment of an endowed scholarship is one of the finest investments in students that one can make.  Endowed gifts are placed in a permanent fund and a portion of the income earned from that fund provides scholarship assistance to students, both on a need and merit basis.  Criteria for selecting recipients of the scholarship may be determined by the donor, or, if the donor wishes, the College can provide a standard set of criteria.

Scholarship Endowment Levels Annual Distribution to Students
$ 1 million $40,000
$500,000 $20,000
$400,000 $16,000
$250,000 $10,000
$100,000 $4,000
$50,000 $2,000
$35,000* $1,400

*UH Mānoa minimum to create an endowment.

Examples of Strategic Scholarship Endowments

1. William R. Johnson, Jr. Study Abroad Endowment - established with a $1 million gift from Bill Johnson (BBA ‘65) in December 2012.  Mr. Johnson is president of Johnson Machinery Company and is headquartered in Southern California.  Mr. Johnson was inspired by our Study Abroad Scholarship Initiative and the goal to remove financials barriers to students with international aspirations.  The positive experiences of his 3 daughters during their own international study abroad experiences were a crucial factor in his decision.  Each academic year, 8 Johnson Scholars receive $5,000 each to pursue their international study abroad.  Mr. Johnson had previously gifted $1 million to establish 2 namesake faculty endowments.

2. Eddie Flores, Jr. and Elaine Flores Endowed Scholarship fund – established with a $500,000 real estate gift from Eddie (BBA ‘70) and Elaine Flores in September 2007 and matched 1:1 by the Shidler Matching Gift program for a total fund value of $1 million.  The Flores Scholarship has awarded the lion’s share of scholarships to recruit the best and brightest freshmen students into our Freshmen Direct Admit Program (DAP).  Now in its 4th academic year, DAP has contributed to the overall enrollment growth of the College and UH Mānoa.  Scholarships are a key component of the recruitment package for these high-achieving freshmen.  Each Fall semester, 20 incoming freshmen receive $1,000 each and are welcomed to the College as DAP students from the Flores Scholarship. The entire DAP class for the 2015-2016 academic year is 90 strong.

Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship

Champions of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Established in 2000, the Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship (PACE) at the Shidler College of Business is the central unit that coordinates the educational opportunities for entrepreneurship, innovation, and commercialization across the UH Mānoa campus. It is supported by an active advisory board of Silicon Valley veterans, senior business executives, angel investors, venture capitalists and hundreds of community volunteers.

PACE is Driving Hawai‘i’s Economic Future by:

  • Providing entrepreneurship education that promotes entrepreneurial thinking and the creation of new businesses
  • Preparing University innovations for the private sector
  • Encouraging activities that create or enhance networks that support innovation, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship
  • Producing new ideas that have the potential to evolve into commercial business enterprises to build the economy of the State of Hawai‘i

The partnership of education and entrepreneurship encourages new ways of thinking and teaches students to achieve competence in the areas of creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem-solving, communication skills and collaboration. By supporting budding entrepreneurs as they progress through these processes, PACE provides students with the skills they will need to succeed in tomorrow’s ever changing work environment—idea identification, risk assessment, implementation, teamwork and communication.

Current PACE Programs

Breakthrough Innovation Challenge Hoku Scientific Microloan Program
Business Incubator (Shidler Hatchery) Inspiring Innovation Speaker Series
Coffee and Lunchroom Sessions Interdisciplinary Research Teams
Creativity Challenge (Mānoa Club Challenge) Kipapa i ke Ala Lecture Series
Entrepreneurs’ Bootcamps Mamoru and Aiko Takitani Foundation Innovation Fellowship Program
Entrepreneurs’ Forum PACE Entrepreneurs
Family Business Center of Hawai‘i Professional-in-Residence (PIR) and Virtual PIR Mentorship Programs
Freeman Foundation Asian Fellowship Program Train the Trainers
Hawai‘i Student Entrepreneurs Club UH Business Plan Competition
High School Business and Marketing Plan Performance Based Assessments UH Entrepreneurs Club
Capital Improvements to Enhance the Learning Enviornment

Beginning in 2006 with Jay H. Shidler’s $25 million gift and in later years $6 million more in further gifts to renovate, the Shidler College of Business has undergone a complete transformation. The external transformation of our building has matched the evolution of our programs, faculty, students, alumni and friends. Now that the external portions of the building are a testament to the excellence achieved, the internal areas of the College call for transformation. Therefore, we strive to embark on a capital naming initiative to renovate and name key rooms and spaces at the College.

A capital naming initiative accomplishes several critical goals:

  1. Modernizes key areas and rooms
  2. Assures the legacy of our most steadfast alumni and friends by the naming of these key areas and rooms
  3. Funds the Shidler Advancement Fund Endowment

The key areas and rooms in need of modernization all have varying requirements for renovation – some need complete renovation and some need minor modernization elements. Any and all overflow after renovation and modernization will fund the Shidler Advancement Fund Endowment. This further serves to preserve the legacy of the College and its most steadfast alumni and friends. 

The Shidler College of Business Advancement Fund

Provides the resources that enable the College greater flexibility to seize opportunities to innovate and create a cutting-edge learning environment that will attract the best students and faculty to our institution. Building up the endowment for this critical fund will support the College’s mission by:

  • Providing seed funds to launch new projects and initiatives.
  • Growing and expanding the College's alumni network.
  • Expanding networking and career-building opportunities for students.
  • Allowing the College to quickly respond to its greatest opportunities.
Donor Recognition Naming Opportunities
Rooms Minimum Level Permanent Minimum Level Temporary Count Available
Classrooms $100,000 - $500,000 $60,000 - $300,000 20
Auditoriums $1,000,000 $600,000 2
Career Interview Rooms $250,000 $150,000 1
Career Services & Professional Dev. $200,000 $120,000 1
Dean’s Conference Room $200,000 $120,000 1
Dean’s Office $150,000 $90,000 1
EEC Classroom $300,000 $180,000 1
EEC Lounge $200,000 $120,000 1
Faculty Lounge $400,000 $240,000 1
Faculty Suites $300,000 $180,000 1
Marketing & Behavior Lab $200,000 $120,000 1
Net Computer Lab $500,000 $300,000 1
Undergraduate Computer Room $500,000 $300,000 1
Undergraduate Leadership Center $250,000 $100,000 1

All temporary naming opportunities will be for a period of six (6) years or as long as the building’s named space exists and has not been substantially renovated, whichever is shorter. At the end of the gift naming term, the original donors, if living and available, will be given the first right of refusal for a new naming opportunity before the naming can be offered to another donor.

Support The Journey

Together, we can move Hawai‘i and its people toward a remarkable future.
Together, we can Journey Beyond

For information on supporting The Shidler College of Business, please contact:

Unyong Nakata
Executive Director of Development, Shidler College of Business 
(808) 956-3597

Nina Horioka
Associate Director of Development, Shidler College of Business
(808) 956-2276