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School of Travel Industry Management

Founded in 1966, the School of Travel Industry Management (TIM) at the University of Hawai‘i's Mānoa campus is recognized as a leading educational institution focusing on hospitality, tourism, and transportation management.

Our Mission

Built on a foundation of management science, TIM draws on a broad range of disciplines to provide high-quality education at the undergraduate and graduate levels to current and future professionals.


The visitor industry in Hawaiʻi provides TIM students with opportunities to gain experience in the field and to study applications of theory to practical business situations. TIM works closely with local, national, and international business organizations, as well as various government and private professional organizations.

In addition to Hawai‘i's travel industry environment, students benefit from a curriculum that has an international perspective with special emphasis in the Asia-Pacific region. The global importance of tourism and the increasingly interdependent nature of economic and political systems require a fundamental and multidisciplinary understanding of international issues.

TIM's distinctive curriculum and outstanding faculty, the success and importance of tourism as the leading industry in Hawaiʻi, and the international focus of the programs provide students with a unique educational environment and experience.

UH Mānoa School of Travel Industry Management

The School of Travel Industry Management is the state’s premier institution in tourism and the only research-based higher education hospitality and tourism program in the State of Hawai‘i. The TIM School educates students in the science and the art of hospitality, providing our future tourism leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools to compete globally and to keep pace with the rapidly changing economy and industry.

Many of its alumni have excelled professionally and hold successful executive and management positions in hotel and resort, restaurant, transportation, tourism and other industries.

Over the years, TIM has garnered a world-wide reputation through its academic research, consultancy, and international teaching. A global brand recognized by many agencies, universities and companies around the world, it has forged strong and lasting relationships in Asia and the Pacific that have benefitted its students, the University and the State of Hawai‘i. TIM’s global networks and inroads in Asia and other parts of the world are important to Hawai‘i as new visitor markets emerge, change and grow.

TIM’s research and programs help the industry remain competitive in the global marketplace while maintaining a delicate balance between the needs of our community and our visitors. Its experience and expertise offer resolutions to tourism challenges in Hawai‘i and to countries in the Asia-Pacific Region but also present opportunities.

With so many global corporations establishing businesses in the Asia Pacific, now the fastest growing region for tourism and international travelers, the TIM School is poised to be a bridge between East and West in tourism education, training and research.

Consider the following:

  • TIM was first to receive the PATA Gold Education Award, and one of the first to be accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality and Administration.
  • Hawai‘i is the birthplace of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), the leading voice and authority on travel and tourism in the Asia Pacific region. In 1966 with the help of PATA, TIM became the first such institution to be established in the region. It set the standard for other institutions in the Pacific Asia region to follow.

Join Us

We hope that you will join us and help us continue to build a strong and vital travel industry and hospitality education for future generations.

For specific information regarding how to partner with the School of Travel Industry Management, please contact Senior Director of Development Harriet Cintron at or (808) 956-3594.

Funding Priorities

Dean's Chair

The Dean is TIM’s chief academic officer and administrator, providing leadership in the academic and tourism industry community and setting the standard for education, research, training and community outreach. The chair will ensure in the many years to come that the best possible candidate for this position is secured and retained.

Distinguished Professorships

To continue to educate the future leaders of our major industry and to meet the demand for research and training at home and abroad, the need for superior and senior faculty members is critical to TIM’s continued success. The creation of endowed professorships will enable TIM to attract and retain the best senior faculty members with notable accomplishments and professional associations.

Faculty Fellowships

Fellowships are critical to growing our faculty resources. The faculty brings expertise in cross-disciplinary areas, such as information communications technology, revenue management, services marketing, hotel/resort management, transportation systems and logistics, tourism policy and planning, expanding the core management curriculum.

Graduate Fellowships

Graduate Research Fellowships allow graduate students to participate in research and training in the School’s outreach activities.  Graduate Fellowships better prepare students for advanced careers and leadership roles across the spectrum of travel industry. They encourage distinguished achievement and elevate the professional development of the students.

Student Scholarship Endowments

Scholarship endowments allow the School to assist and encourage students who are interested in studying in this discipline. They are the future of this industry.

The endowments will allow the School to provide opportunity to the brightest students, and also to students from the Neighbor Islands, students in need of financial support, and students from our native Hawaiian community.

International Study Endowment Initiatives

The global importance of tourism and the increasingly interdependent nature of economic and political systems require a fundamental and multidisciplinary understanding of international issues. 

This fund would award student grants for international study, research and internships. It will enhance the student learning experience and expand the student’s experience beyond Hawai‘i.

Support The Journey

Together, we can move Hawai‘i and its people toward a remarkable future.
Together, we can Journey Beyond

For information on supporting  The School of Travel Industry Management, & Literature, please contact:

Harriet Cintron
Senior Director of Development, UH Mānoa
(808) 956-3594 •