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Journey Beyond

The spirit of discovery has shaped Hawai‘i since the first Polynesians migrated to the islands more than 1,500 years ago. Today, the quest for new horizons, new knowledge, and new innovations continues. At the University of Hawai‘i, we are driven across all 10 campuses by a desire to continually move forward, to innovate, explore, and educate in ways that improve the quality of life for all Hawaiians and better our world. We think of it as the Journey Beyond.



Affordable & Accessible

Our location, close to the Wai‘anae coast and near four of the five largest public schools in the state, offers a tremendous opportunity to serve an even wider range of diverse students of talent and promise. This includes many first-generation college students, a significant number of “non-traditional students” and community college transfer students, and a growing population of international students.


Fortifying Our Region

The Kapolei region projects 40,000 new jobs in the next 20 years. We will continue to emphasize growing programs — such as science, business, and creative media — that align with emerging markets and utilize our brand new, high-tech labs and equipment. Our graduates will fill the pipeline in other high-demand areas  as well, including nursing, teaching, the culinary arts, sustainability, and more.


Size, Influence, Impact

We anticipate growing our full student body to 20,000 (on campus and distance learning) over the next 20 years, up from 2,500 current students. This tremendous growth, mirroring that of the region, will be a game-changer for West O‘ahu. Most notably, it will position us to help drive the statewide Hawai‘i Graduation Initiative (HGI), with a goal to ensure that 55% of Hawai‘i’s adults have a college degree by 2025 — up from 42%.


Global Relevance

We remain passionate in our efforts to deliver a transformative and globally relevant educational experience. To do so, we will continue to attract international students, globally competent faculty, and overseas partner schools to help make every UH West O‘ahu student a global citizen. And we will expand opportunities for our students and faculty to join together in areas of international study.

Support the Journey

With only the stars, clouds and ocean to guide them, they navigated uncharted waters to reach a new destination and create a better life.

Today, the quest for new horizons, new knowledge, and new innovations continues. The University of Hawai‘i is driven across all 10 campuses by a desire to continually move forward, to create, explore, and educate  in ways that improve the quality of life for all Hawaiians and better our world.

Journey Beyond. It’s our charge to move past current realities and expectations. To seek new possibilities. To find novel solutions to tough problems. To pursue boundless ambitions.

These opportunities come at a time when universities are under increased scrutiny. Think tanks, research centers, and advocacy groups question both the costs and relevance of higher education. They point to mounting student debt, tangled bureaucracy, and academic inertia as sure signs of being out of touch.

Funding Priorities for Schools and Programs

Financial Aid

UH West O‘ahu’s outreach efforts include reducing barriers and increasing access to higher education in Hawai‘i's diverse community, particularly Native Hawaiians, low income students and those from underserved populations. Financial constraints often prevent accepted students from an education. Supporting UHWO’s financial aid programs helps to reduce student’s barriers of figuring out how they are going to pay for a college education.

Program Support

Offering four-year bachelor's degrees in liberal arts, professional studies, and applied sciences as well as certificate programs designed for career success, UH West O'ahu boasts small classes and a low faculty-to-student ratio. With dedicated faculty and staff working together, we offer an intellectually challenging higher education experience in a supportive setting for all students. Your gift can provide direct support to any one of six program areas of Business Administration, Humanities, Public Administration, Social Sciences, Education and Applied Sciences.

Kako’o ‘Oiwi – Indigenous Serving

UH West O‘ahu’s recent strategic plan set a goal to ensure active support for Native Hawaiians through vigorous programs of study cultivating the Hawaiian language, history and culture. Four objectives were identified as priorities to establish a center of Hawaiian Knowledge, create Native Hawaiian and Pacific Island degree programs, increase the number of Native Hawaiian administrators, faculty and staff and promote holistic growth for all students in a rich, engaging community to increase students success. A gift in support of Kako‘o ‘Oiwi will help UHWO achieve this strategic priority.

Support The Journey

Together, we can move Hawai‘i and its people toward a remarkable future.
Together, we can Journey Beyond

For information on supporting The University of Hawai‘i – West O‘ahu, please contact:

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