Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Diamond Head

World-class Professional Culinary Education Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Diamond Head

Filling a Demand for Excellence

In Hawai‘i’s modern-day economy, the growth of the tourism and hospitality industry has created a demand for highly-skilled culinary and foodservice professionals. In addition to sun and surf, Hawai‘i has become a mecca for foodies.

The Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Diamond Head (CIP Diamond Head) will be a world-class culinary campus dedicated to providing the best culinary education in the Pacific by preparing students to be at the forefront of the culinary industry. No longer will Hawai‘i’s most talented and ambitious culinary students need to leave Hawai‘i for advanced training.

Different from any other culinary school in the world, CIP Diamond Head will provide students with an opportunity to learn and be inspired by a modern Hawai‘i cuisine that is always evolving—a representation of the diversity of our people and the many cooking styles, traditions and ingredients that have been brought to the islands.

Advanced Professional Culinary Education

Located at the former site of the US Army Ft. Ruger Cannon Club, a premier private officer’s club, CIP Diamond Head will be home to the Advanced Professional Certificate in culinary arts program. Acting as a central hub for culinary education in Hawai‘i, CIP Diamond Head will support culinary students from Hawai‘i and beyond by offering advanced culinary arts curriculum, while also providing a clear pathway to four-year-degree programs. Now students from any of the 5 culinary programs on O‘ahu, Maui, Kaua‘i and Hawai‘i Island can continue on to CIP Diamond Head.

Continuing culinary arts students with an associate of science degree in culinary arts or equivalent can continue on to CIP Diamond Head, where they will take a third year of advanced culinary courses. The CIP Diamond Head Advanced Professional Certificate in culinary arts can then articulate into either the UH West O‘ahu four-year Bachelor of Applied Science degree in culinary arts, or the UH Mānoa four-year Bachelor of Science degree in food science and human nutrition with a culinology track.

Empowered with the full range of culinary arts, science and management skills, graduates will benefit from higher wages and increased job opportunities.

A Global Draw

Touring the CIP Diamond Head

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CIP Diamond Head will create and integrate leading-edge practices into academic curriculum by keeping abreast of the latest developments in culinary arts and food service. This will draw culinary students from around the world, and attract top-notch faculty who value innovation and creativity.

CIP Diamond Head will operate as both an instructional facility and learning laboratory, with a functioning on-site signature restaurant. With these resources, the campus will be able to bring in renowned chefs from around the world as visiting chefs-in-residence, enhancing what core teaching faculty have to offer with opportunities for exchange and collaboration. CIP Diamond Head will also host professional conferences and workshops in the areas of health, agriculture, sustainability, world cuisines and cultures, and innovation.

A Dream Come True

The first phase of CIP Diamond Head construction began in September 2015 with a scheduled completion date of February, 2017. Construction is currently on schedule. The initial phase includes one advanced multi-function American/European Lab, one advanced Asian Lab, restrooms, student lounge, storage room, outdoor cooking area, support building and one of two parking lots as well as utilities infrastructure for current and future phases. Future phases include the Signature Restaurant, Demonstration Competition Auditorium, Classrooms, Patisserie Confiserie, a Culinary Innovation Laboratory and additional parking. 

Be Part of the Vision

The Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Diamond Head is world-renown for its graduates, and has trained high-caliber chefs, restaurateurs and future industry leaders in Asian and Pacific Rim cuisine from local, national and international communities. You can build upon this success, by supporting the CIP at Diamond Head. Your support is an investment in Hawai‘i’s culinary future.

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For Our University, Our Hawai‘i, Our Future