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Connect Hawai‘i residents to a growing local food movement

New Program Meets a Need

2 women filling jars with food for preserving.Canning and preserving food is wildly popular again and so is learning about safe and approved food preservation techniques and recipes. Thanks to support from the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations and a private donor, UH Hilo’s College of Continuing Education and Community Service (CCECS) launched the Hawai‘i Master Food Preserver (MFP) Certificate Program.

This unique program gives people the skills to safely participate in the growing local food movement and enrich our local economy.

Grow Budding Entrepreneurs

With your support we can grow the popular MFP program and subsidize participation so that more budding entrepreneurs, and people who are dedicated to sustainability and making the most out of Hawai‘i’s natural abundance, can gain real-world skills as Master Food Preservers.

Here is what some of our alumni have to say about the impact MFP has had on their lives:

I thought food safety and canning was primarily for commercial operations but I learned a lot that I could use at home. It also opened my mind up to other foods that could be preserved and consumed. It’s a wonder that I haven’t made anyone sick including myself.

I am so grateful that this class is being offered and I was able to attend! It is a great resource to the community to pass on skills, knowledge, and experience that may be lost. It is also great to learn the proper methods to preserve foods in order to provide good and safe food for others and to not waste the abundance we enjoy here in Hawai‘i. A+ to the instructors, Luisa and Kalen. They were excellent!

I came into the class with no knowledge about food preservation and now I walk away with a vast knowledge of techniques that can be readily applied and shared. Thanks to Luisa and Kalen’s sharing and teaching.

After taking this course I am confident about preserving food safely for my family and friends. I am so looking forward to preserve fruits and vegetables from our yard and garden that is in over abundance, not only preserving so it doesn’t waste but to prepare and preserve in many delicious ways. I enjoyed this class so much and am grateful for what each person on the class brought personally. I learned from other students beyond what the instructors taught us. Everything done in class was valuable for my future use and I know I will enjoy preserving food in many different ways.

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Your gift will help students of all ages and backgrounds learn how to safely preserve, ferment, pickle, dehydrate, pressure can food and more!

“Thank you for partnering with us to help our students and our residents across the State of Hawai‘i.”

- Luisa F. Castro, Program Coordinator

People learning how to slice fresh ahi

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