Support Local Food Entrepreneurs

Support Local Food Entrepreneurs

Maui Food Innovation Center

Building on a Proud History

In Hawaiʻi where 90% of all food is imported, building a thriving local food industry is key to food security and sustainability.

Maui has a proud history of local agriculture that now faces increasing challenges from foreign competition, increased production costs, and loss of family farms.

The Maui Food Innovation Center (MFIC) at UH Maui College is a business incubator designed to help build and support the local food industry by providing business and technological expertise to food and agricultural entrepreneurs throughout the State of Hawaiʻi. 

A vibrant hub for businesses, services, and organizations, MFIC connects industry business leaders, producers, farmers, wholesalers, suppliers, retailers and consumers. It also offers innovative educational programs that give budding entrepreneurs the skills they need to take their businesses to the next level.

Lui Hokoana, Chancellor UH Maui College said, “MFIC seeks to spur innovation commercialization, entrepreneurship and job creation at the local level. Our goal is to advance our farmers/chefs, food entrepreneurs, and our economy by building upon new revenue sources, and to create more jobs. With the closing of HC&S and the era of sugar cane coming to an end it is key to diversify the agriculture businesses here on Maui, and that there be a resource for our farmers and food entrepreneurs to turn to for assistance.”

Innovation Centers Around the Nation

Throughout the U.S., food innovation centers have created millions of dollars in revenue by helping food producers achieve higher value from excess produce, finding new markets, extending shelf-life through quality processing, and meeting stringent food safety regulations.

Dawn Anderson, Owner of B Raw Bars in Maui, HI stated, "As a businesswoman running a startup, having access to the Maui Food Innovation Centers - Maui Accelerated Program, has been invaluable to the future of my company! I’d built my business independently for two years and had reached a critical point for deciding how to grow it. After completing the MAP class, I was informed, excited and relieved to know that there was industry support, tools, and resources available locally who'd work with me to develop and expand my business into a successful company!” Dawn’s business grew by 50% after completing the course in March 2016.

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Your gift will help local farmers and food manufacturers become more successful by developing new value-added food products. A gift to support Maui Food Innovation Center also helps reduce our dependence on imports, contributes to the sustainability of island-based agriculture, and helps grow the State of Hawai’i economy. Learn about MFIC training programs.

For Our University, Our Hawai‘i, Our Future