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Students across the entire UH System are feeling the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. With your help, they navigate these trying days.

All of a sudden, student teacher teaching virtually

The general education and special education major has officially completed her BEd and hopes to be teaching in a Hawaiʻi school this fall.

1st-generation student weighs options

It is truly a life saver to have received these funds in this time of need. The use of these funds will go directly back into my education and will help out greatly.

Looking ahead, despite rough start on 2nd BA

A small contribution might not seem like it makes a difference, but for folks like me who are out of work, … this means I get to keep the lights on and have my belly full.

“It’s true: We are all in this together”

Davelin lost one of her two jobs and is trying to get by on a reduced income. Help from the Urgent Student Relief Fund is easing her stress and anxiety.

Plot turns for aspiring author at Hawai‘i CC

This past month has been the most unforeseen second half of a first semester starting college I could imagine. Although, I'm sure it will provide much inspiration for stories as I develop my career as an author.

Arigatō, gracias, xièxiè, salamat, mahalo!

Mary is thankful for support from the student relief fund, and to all who are helping her through this time.

“I’m almost there!”

McKenna is close to the finish line and needed a little help to stay on track.

International students hit especially hard by crisis

When the crisis hit, the financial support Mohammad had been receiving from his family evaporated because of the lockdowns.

Hilo mom of 4 chooses optimism over fear

“It’s so wonderful to see the community coming together to support each other to get through this, and I have no doubt that we will.” 

Mom of 5 finds hope

I was working full-time and going to school full-time when this pandemic hit. My kids’ school closed and it was a matter of my kids’ health over working. What to do?

Missionary’s prayers answered

I needed the urgent relief funds because it's difficult to find money in my situation to pay for my college fees.

Math major calculates how to make ends meet

Completing his college education has been hindered by financial setbacks. Wong’s hours as a student tutor at Windward Community College were drastically cut back after COVID-19 precautionary measures were put into place.