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Students across the entire UH System are feeling the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. With your help, they navigate these trying days.

Federal closures disrupt international graduate student’s life

As an international student, I have a documentation process that I need to go through. This includes getting a Social Security Number. However, all Social Security Offices are closed temporarily and I am not able to apply.

Loss of job after eight years can’t dim architecture student’s light

Her schooling was thrown into disarray, but despite feelings of vulnerability, Rebekah remains thankful for distance learning and continued studies.

UHWO business major mom is ready to fulfill her dreams

When this COVID-19 crisis began, I really tried to keep it all together, not knowing how bad the situation would turn out.

Worried about entire family

My greatest concern is that we won’t have enough money to pay rent or get kicked out on the streets.

I have always wanted to be in a career where I can help others. I am currently trying to become a high school counselor. I want to be able to change students’ lives and hopefully make them realize that if I can reach my dreams, so can they.

Kauaʻi student loses job as an entertainer in the visitor industry

When she lost her job as a part-time entertainer in Kauaʻi's visitor industry, Tia didn't know how she would cover her rent, utility bills, and necessities for schooling.  UH emergency relief allows her to continue her education in pursuit of opening her own dance studio.

Terrifying experiences "no one should go through"

COVID-19 was "earth-shattering" for Thomas and his family, who have expenses related to health problems   The "life-changing" emergency relief from the University of Hawaiʻi will help them get through the month.

Furloughed airport barista stays connected to schoolwork

Shubert was furloughed from his job as a barista at the airport.  The first-year IT student wasn't sure how he would pay his bills, but the UH Emergency Student Relief Fund is a "major help, and couldn't have come at a better time," helping him stay connected to his classes and stay on track for graduation in a year.

"We would have struggled immensely ... Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo."

Learning support from Kauaʻi Community College's Waiʻaleʻale Program helps Leticia stay focused on schoolwork now that classes are conducted online.  Financial support from you helps her stick to her goal of being the first college graduate in her family.

"I have a brighter future thanks to you."

Kevin had been doing his assigments in the computer lab at Leeward CC, but with campus life altered, he must work from home on a used laptop with an unreliable battery.  Your gift means he can purchase headphones and a new battery for the laptop as he gets ready to transfer to Kapiʻolani CC in the fall semester.

Single parenthood isn't easy

Single parenting isn't easy, but your support helps Chilliam maintain her home life while she pursues her dream of helping others as a mental health counselor.  She says, "I want to give back to my community."

"This is not going to stop me from fulfilling my dream."

Chelsea was laid off from her job working with autistic children as a registered behavior technician.  The human services student at Honolulu Community College ran into Hawaiʻi’s overwhelmed unemployment insurance system, but UH emergency relief was a blessing.  "It's been a rough ride," she says, "but I'm taking this journey as a learning experience."

30 days 'til Anela graduates, thanks to you

Generous donors enabled Anela to keep her wifi going after she was laid off from her part-time job.  Now she is able to focus on her nursing coursework, so she can graduate this semester and help her community.