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Students across the entire UH System are feeling the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. With your help, they navigate these trying days.

Puppy's mommy can't wait for return to work

Going to work and interacting with my coworkers and customers is something I truly cherish. Work was my second home.

Aid helps Danielle stay connected to classes

As a student, I rely on my employer income to pay for student services. Like many other students, I do not have access to much financial assistance, so I am applying for all kinds of jobs.

Bruce is in Honolulu; his belongings are in China

I have lost most of my belongings and the deposit and rent money that I can’t get back. I feel dislocated, staying on couches, very transient and with a lot of stress. There is no clarity around when I can return to China to complete my degree (so I don't know if I should look for a place here).

When Great-Grandmother is a sophomore

Going to school at Windward Community College before COVID-19 was challenging enough. The 57-year-old grandmother had a home bursting at the seams and had already dealt with tragedy in her close-knit ʻohana.