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Education is the Great Equalizer

February 14, 2006

Many people would consider a lifetime of achievement worthy of retirement. Not so for Dr. Alec Keith. Inspired by Hawai'i's aloha spirit and believing Hilo has all the ingredients necessary to build a strong economy, Dr. Keith has continued to work harder than ever.

Before moving to Hilo with his wife Kay in 1997, Dr. Keith taught genetics at the University of California, Berkeley, and biophysics at Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Keith has served as an affiliate faculty member of the UH Hilo Chemistry Department and on the UHH Chancellor's Advisory Board.

"To compete globally, the U.S. needs the best possible economy. Communities with strong institutions do better. The three legs needed to support the economic stool are government, the private sector, and a strong institution of higher education. Education is the great equalizer, and a well-educated populace is essential for a strong economy." - Dr. Alec Keith

Because support of community and education is important to them, the Keiths established a charitable remainder trust for a term of twenty years. They received wonderful tax benefits, many years of income distributions, and also reduced the size of their estate. Eventually, when the trust terminates, the principal will go unrestricted to the University of Hawai'i at Hilo.

"I look forward to seeing that happen," says Dr. Keith with a smile. "I hope others will consider the very beneficial life-income gift plans available that can strengthen our University as well as take care of personal financial goals."

Dr. Keith is a member of the University of Hawai'i's Heritage Society and Founders Club

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