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Support from donors unleashes the incredible potential of a brilliant researcher. It is the partnership between donor, faculty, and students that creates new knowledge and transforms lives in Hawaiʻi and the world.

Each day, hundreds of faculty members and students throughout the state are engaged in groundbreaking research in areas as diverse as astronomy, cancer studies, teacher training and education, ethnic and cultural studies, government and public policies, ocean and earth science, international relations, high technology development, and business development in general.

In an increasingly competitive world, universities cannot rely solely on government funding to support research. It is the investment and vision of private donors that fuels the groundbreaking stages of research – research that may then be supported by government funding.

Honoring a friend through interesting, necessary work

Hawai‘i is behind in understanding breast cancer risk in our specific mix of ethnicities, cultural influences and genetics

Maintaining a "gem of greenery and peace" in Mānoa Valley

As many times as I have given tours there or simply walked the grounds, sometimes on small trails off the beaten path, I am continually awed by the peaceful feeling I gain just being there.

UH Hilo professor bridges language gap for science

Philippe Binder, a professor of physics in the College of Natural and Health Sciences at UH Hilo, is working on creating a lexicon of terms that will allow students to learn introductory physics terms in their indigenous languages.

School of Social Work welcomes new endowed chair & interim dean

Former professor Chin Sik Chung’s family has funded the first endowed faculty position in public health.

Alaka‘ina helps make water flow so lo‘i can flourish

A gift from the Alakaʻina Foundation will support research and cultural preservation efforts at Ka Papa Loʻi ʻo Kānewai.

Fellowship supports grad students in indigenous languages and culture

New fellowship will have “outsized effect” on our knowledge of language and culture.

Oceanography fellowship is “the gift of time”

“It has a huge impact on my ability to finish my PhD,” says Shayle Matsuda, “allowing me to focus on writing rather than teaching this year.”

Taken too soon, Alana continues to inspire

Thousands joined the bone marrow registry to save her life.

Doctoral student works with invasive fruit flies

I hope to obtain a position as a lead scientist with the USDA, potentially to help eradicate invasive fruit fly species from agricultural fields.

Weinman Symposium Ensures Continued Partnerships

“Top-notch science, totally new ideas; and some of the scientists who attended are our co-authors.”

Celebrating friendship; supporting discovery

A lifelong interest in anthropology, a commitment to academic research and a friendship standing the test of time.

Formula car racing team revved by new sponsorship

The Rainbow Warriors Racing team receives a major boost from Toyota Hawaii,