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Support from donors unleashes the incredible potential of a brilliant researcher. It is the partnership between donor, faculty, and students that creates new knowledge and transforms lives in Hawaiʻi and the world.

Each day, hundreds of faculty members and students throughout the state are engaged in groundbreaking research in areas as diverse as astronomy, cancer studies, teacher training and education, ethnic and cultural studies, government and public policies, ocean and earth science, international relations, high technology development, and business development in general.

In an increasingly competitive world, universities cannot rely solely on government funding to support research. It is the investment and vision of private donors that fuels the groundbreaking stages of research – research that may then be supported by government funding.

Connecting Coral Reefs Worldwide

Coral reefs worldwide are threatened. Learn how the HIMB project Connecting Coral Reefs is addressing this critical conservation issue.

Award Encourages ‘Go for Broke’ Spirit

Micah Glasgow recieved the 2015 UH Hilo Community Spirit Award for his research in pediatric cancer and his community service engaging local keiki in science.

Investing in Healthy Women & Children

A $5M gift to JABSOM’s OB/GYN program will help UH medical students, residents and faculty continue helping to deliver 1/3 of the babies born in Hawaiʻi every year. 

Working to Restore ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i

The Ford Foundation is supporting the critical work of UH Hilo’s Ka Haka ‘Ula O Ke‘elikōlani, renowned for its Hawaiian language revitalization success.

Remembering Loving, Encouraging Parents

Dr. Santosh Sharma pursued a rewarding career as physician and scientist with her parents’ encouragement. To honor them, she has endowed a chair at JABSOM.

Moyers Fund Cancer Care for Maui Families

“Clinical trials of medications offer HOPE. This endowment will allow everyone the opportunity for clinical trials ... right here on Maui.” —Tim Moyer

Investing in Healthy Hearts

Dr. Ralph Shohet’s grandfather died of a heart attack in 1977. “If we had been able to treat him with modern approaches, we might have had another 10 years with him.”

Discovering the Ocean’s Microbial Megacity

UH scientists have made intriguing discoveries about ocean microbes’ daily cycles. Learn more about new ways of studying the ocean’s tiniest inhabitants. 

Building a Sustainable Future for Hawai‘i

Through their strategic support, the Pauleys are inspiring the next generation to create a sustainable environment in Hawai‘i and the world.

Nobel Laureates Inspire UH in Cancer Fight

Since 2010, the Weinman Foundation Fund for Innovation has brought five Nobel Laureates to UH, to inspire new ideas in the fight against cancer.

Test Could Help Find Bladder Cancer Sooner

Dr. Charles Rosser, winner of the 2014 Weinman Innovator Award, is working on a new test that could mean earlier detection of the most prevalent cancer in the U.S.

Conserving Biology, Little by Little

Dr. Sheila Conant, zoology professor emerita, says she has given annual gifts to UH since 1977 “because there are programs that I really feel need support.”