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September 8, 2016
  • Funding Mini-Medical School Longevity

Caption: Ricardo and Dr. Rosita Leong (seated) celebrated the new endowment with Dr. Virginia Hinshaw and Dr. Jerris Hedges.

Dr. Rosita G. Leong, President & CEO, Bunker Hill Developments, Inc. and University of Hawai‘i Foundation board member, is ensuring that the innovative Mini-Medical School on Healthy Aging at the John A. Burns School of Medicine, has funding in perpetuity.

The Mini-Medical School on Healthy Aging is designed to prepare people for the second half of their lives by delivering relevant scientific information on aging, similar to what JABSOM medical students learn, but tailored for public audiences.

Mini-Medical School Director Dr. Virginia Hinshaw shared, “We are tremendously grateful to Dr. Leong for her strategic philanthropic investment in the people of Hawai‘i.”  Hinshaw continued, “Our state has the highest proportion of people over 65 in the nation and we also live longer.” Hinshaw added, “In view of this reality, we launched the Mini-Medical School on Healthy Aging to offer Hawai‘i’s citizens information on the best way to maintain health and well-being throughout life.”

Dr. Jerris Hedges, Dean, John A. Burns School of Medicine and Barry and Virginia Weinman Endowed Professor added, “We have been so pleased to see the Mini Medical School attract the interest of more Hawai‘i residents each year since its founding in 2014.” Hedges continued, “This gift will allow us to continue to provide even more seniors with important information they can use to stay healthy and independent, which will benefit us all.”

In recognition of this major gift the Mini-Medical School Program will be named the Dr. Rosita Leong Mini-Medical School Program at the John A. Burns School of Medicine.

We asked Dr. Leong why she made this gift. Here is her thought-provoking response:

S - Sharing what I can share.
H - Hawai‘i is home, I love Hawai‘i.
A - Action to help our community have access to information that leads to healthy living.
R - Receiving and remembering. I wanted to give back to the community in gratitude for all my family and I have received and enjoy.
E – Education. Supporting education is the best way I know of to accomplish SHARING.

Mini Medical School

Watch healthy aging videos and learn more about the Mini-Medical School

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