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August 17, 2015
  • Honoring a Special Furry Friend

Dede GussDede Guss established a scholarship at Windward CC to support students in the Vet Tech program. In this short story she shares why.

"A few years back my dog Bentley suddenly passed away. Shortly thereafter I learned of Windward CC’s Vet Tech program and thought that there would be no better way to honor Bentley and to have his legacy live on than through a scholarship in his honor.”

Dede continued, “For the past five years I have been attending Windward CC.  Since the beginning I have been very impressed with the program, faculty, beautiful campus and most importantly the other students.”

Bentley came into Dede’s life when her three children left for college. Playful, cuddly and adorable, he became her new baby.

Dede shared, “He loved to unravel the roll of toilet tissue. One day he unraveled the entire roll and tore it to pieces. It looked like snow on the living room floor. Even though I scolded him, it made me smile.” She continued, “Bentley, also enjoyed sleeping at the top of the bed with his head on the pillow, just like a human being. When my husband Barron and I decided to adopt a playmate for him, we weren’t sure how he was going to respond but before long Bentley was in charge of his 85 pound sister Lola!”

Dede concluded, “This scholarship will hopefully help a student fulfill their dreams and in return help those animals that can’t help themselves. I know from my own experience that our furry friends bring loads of joy and love to all they meet!”

Dede celebrating her scholarship with Windward CC vet tech students and staff
Dede celebrating her scholarship with Windward CC vet tech students and staff

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