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Ipo Bullard Memorial Scholarship – Windward CC

March 24, 2014

Proud UH alumni Janet and Patrick Bullard head up a household of lively, much-adored furry family members. When their beloved Jack Russell Terrier Ipo passed away, they decided to honor her memory by helping students who have chosen to care for animals in their careers.

Q&A with Janet Bullard

Ipo’s “mom” and UH Foundation vice president for marketing and communications – alumni and donor relations

Why did you make this gift?

For 16 years, Ipo was a huge part of my life. To say that dogs love you unconditionally is really an understatement. During her short life, Ipo got me through some really rough times. It was like she just knew when I was down or needed support. No matter what the issue was, she was there, licking my knee or my face, following me around making me feel better. There were times when I wondered how I would have made it without Ipo. She had a great spirit about her and just watching the joy she had within her made me feel like everything would be alright. Even in her senior years, she was tough and kept her spirit. Ipo taught me a lot about life and perseverance. I wanted to find a way to honor her life for what she did for me and never let her be forgotten.

Please tell us about Ipo.

Ipo was spunky, independent, strong-minded, energetic, and you could just see that her brain was working constantly. She was always up to something and was fearless. Little Ipo was also inquisitive and adventurous and had a great spirit about her. People just took to her right away, almost like they were just drawn to her. She was a 17 lb. dog that thought she was 150 lbs. A relentless hunter gatherer, she would proudly bring home yucky dead or almost dead victims. She was keenly intelligent and extremely sensitive to human emotion. Till the very end, food was #1 for Ipo, I was #2. I got that, and it was fine. She was the happiest dog and so comfortable in her own skin, so much more than most humans! She just loved life (and food)!

What impact do you hope this scholarship will make?

I hope this scholarship will help someone who loves animals enough to care for them in their career and may need some financial help in the vet tech program. The program helps shelter animals so its mission is so positive. It is the only program of its kind in the state and the skills learned will help to further advance the veterinary profession in Hawai‘i. We need the best care for our animals in Hawai‘i, it is so important. I want to help those who want to help animals and do it for a living.

How does it feel to have made this gift?

It feels so good to know that Ipo’s spirit lives on in helping someone who will go on to help other animals. I think it is such an appropriate way to honor Ipo and what she did for me during her short time on earth albeit small considering her huge impact on my life. I speak of her like she is a person, and to me, she was. It’s been 19 months since she passed and I still miss her every day.

The Ipo Bullard Memorial Scholarship will help Hawai‘i high school graduates enrolled full-time in the Veterinary Technology program at Windward CC fulfill their dreams.

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