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May 7, 2020

Aloha, and thank you!
I am a UH Maui College student, and recovering drug addict on probation. After my time in jail, I had to adapt back into society. Now I am replacing all my negative behavior and friends with healthy and positive activities and choices. So before this pandemic occurred, going to campus was the highlight of my day. It was one of the things I looked forward to during the week. The campus also gave me a quiet place to study and support from the TLC if I needed help with assignments or the Hoʻokahua lab as well.
Even with my past behind me, I still carry the consequences of it on my record which makes it hard to find a job. UHMC gave me opportunities for on-campus employment but now it's on hold. I also have probation fees that I have to pay every month that's part of my freedom. If I don’t pay my fees I could get a violation of my probation and be sent back to jail. Fortunately I have an understanding probation officer.
My plan for my future is to keep exceeding in my academic studies. I don’t know what I want to do yet so I’m focusing on my Liberals. I’ve been thinking about cosmetology school as well but I still have to decide. I also have thought about driving big machinery but it’s something I still have to look into and do my research.
I appreciate what UHMC offers students such as tutoring, resources, counselors and funds. And I also want to thank the donors for the funds they donate for the students. It really helps a lot! Personally for me it helps me relieve some stress and worries. It also helped me put some food on the table and pay for my phone bill which gives me the internet to do my assignments. Thank you again! Every bit helps.


Aulialani (left) celebrating life with her grandmother.

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