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For more than a century, the University of Hawaiʻi has worked hard to make higher education accessible to all. Whether through one of the seven community college campuses or one of the three four-year campuses, UH is expanding its efforts to attract the most promising students, regardless of their financial circumstances.

As college costs continue to rise, the amount of private support for students must as well. Gifts to scholarships and student aid help us to retain our best and brightest and to provide access to a life-changing higher education experience for our students.

Why I traveled 4,000 miles to attend UH Mānoa
I truly appreciate the recognition of my work. With this award, I aim to promote marine stewardship to visitors all over the world. This award reassures me of my purpose to protect our natural environment.
Navigating college while connecting with my culture
My experience at UH Mānoa has allowed me to connect with my culture in new and meaningful ways, while also providing me with a world-class education that will help me achieve my personal, academic and professional goals.
Loving school at UH Mānoa
I decided on International Business because I came from a multicultural household that inspired me to study other cultures and travel the world, instead of just staying in one country.
Raising funds is all about relationships
UH Mānoa senior Jolie Graham has raised $100,000 toward scholarships for her fellow students, one phone call at a time.
How UH prepares students for 21st century careers
UH's impact is tremendous, not only for Hawaiʻi's economy, but even more for the individuals whose lives are transformed by a college education.
Plant-based food research for people and planet
Citing positive effects on people and planet, Catharina and Peng Ang have established a new fund, boosting research and development of plant-based foods, food products, and menus at Kapi‘olani CC’s Culinary Institute of the Pacific.
LexBreezy Hawaiʻi designer inspires fashion students to chase their dreams
Alexis Akiona wants students at Honolulu Community College's Fashion Technology program to know someone believes in them.
Online AA degree program helps working students with families
As a single parent, Sarah Moore believes that getting an associate’s degree without neglecting personal responsibilities is a key first step toward a meaningful career and helping others with similar struggles.
The universe has a say
“This year, one year to the week after Mom’s death, the name of one of the nursing students rang a bell,” says Mary Williamson. “At first I couldn’t figure out why."
Journey from Hawaiʻi to Emerald Isle invaluable for Kapiʻolani CC students
Nine Kapiʻolani Community College students, accompanied by three faculty members, journeyed to Ireland last summer as part the first study-abroad cooperation between the Lunalilo Scholars Program and the Paul S. Honda International Center.
He Lei Mahalo celebrates donors and scholarship recipients
The event honored the generous donors who made gifts to support student scholarships at UH West O‘ahu and celebrated the student scholarship recipients.
ProService Hawaii CEO’s gift to RISE project supports future small business owners
"Entrepreneurship and small business are at the heart of making Hawaiʻi a more livable place," says Ben Godsey, president and CEO of ProService Hawaii.