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For more than a century, the University of Hawaiʻi has worked hard to make higher education accessible to all. Whether through one of the seven community college campuses or one of the three four-year campuses, UH is expanding its efforts to attract the most promising students, regardless of their financial circumstances.

As college costs continue to rise, the amount of private support for students must as well. Gifts to scholarships and student aid help us to retain our best and brightest and to provide access to a life-changing higher education experience for our students.

Aspiring therapist feels empathy for patients

She knows people take independent movement for granted.

Education can never be taken away from me

Nursing has taught me to be humble, compassionate, patient and empathetic.

UH Hilo soccer star continues to inspire

"You knew who she was right away: outgoing, loyal, and a very good friend."

HDS and UH join forces for children’s oral health

Programs reach out to elementary school students in underserved communities.

PBR HAWAI‘I Celebrates 50 years with $50K Scholarship

Local firm sets up scholarship for UH Mānoa Department of Urban and Regional Planning.

Maui chocolate maker presses on for community’s benefit

The first harvest came in; the new factory was ready—just in time for the pandemic.

A safe place for fearless ideas and daring dreams

The thought of pushing my dreams aside crossed my mind, but I knew I had a greater purpose.

Away from family for years, donor offers hope

I had a moment of clarity on the Wiliwilinui Ridge trail: this is why I'm here.

Studying law to solve society's problems

"Growing up, I never thought that I would pursue a career in law, especially because of the well-known high financial costs."

PTA student aspires to giving back

Megan Biggs, who aspires to a career in pediatric physical therapy, says,"The financial burden has been lifted."

New scholarship for students living their major

"Women's Studies is about them—it’s about the issues they’re living through and being challenged by."

A vision for a healthier Hawai‘i

Jamaica Aquino has dreams of educating Hawai‘i's youth about living with asthma.