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For more than a century, the University of Hawaiʻi has worked hard to make higher education accessible to all. Whether through one of the seven community college campuses or one of the three four-year campuses, UH is expanding its efforts to attract the most promising students, regardless of their financial circumstances.

As college costs continue to rise, the amount of private support for students must as well. Gifts to scholarships and student aid help us to retain our best and brightest and to provide access to a life-changing higher education experience for our students.

A vision for a healthier Hawai‘i

Jamaica Aquino has dreams of educating Hawai‘i's youth about living with asthma. 

Scholarship honors an independent thinker

A new scholarship for single parents at UH Maui College honors a mom who strove to make things "a little better" for her son.

Former Rainbow rallies team support “from all corners”

“They need to know they are supported by their community. Their health and well-being, mentally and physically, are important,” says Mark Robison, former Rainbow Warrior. 

PTA scholarship "takes off the burden"

A recipient of the Barbara Yap Physical Therapist Assistant scholarship, Ismael Membrere, Jr. hopes to make physical therapy a first option before drugs and surgery.

Queen’s partnerships promote Native Hawaiian Health

Entire families, including grandparents and children, participate in classes to encourage healthier practices as a family tradition.

Next Steps initiative boosts thousands of high school graduates

More than 2,700 recent public high school graduates prepared for college and careers this summer for free through the Next Steps to Your Future initiative.

Taking education out of the classroom

To build on the learning momentum they started, the passionate educators have created an endowment to ensure that future students in the Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences (HNFAS) can also benefit from immersive skill-building experiences.

New Learning Communities train medical students differently

Hawai‘i’s physician shortage is a serious problem. It contributes to healthcare disparities, especially in our neighbor island communities. The increased demand on our physicians’ energies leads to burnout and withdrawal from clinical practice, making the problem worse.

Lifelong fan makes ‘Bows part of her legacy

“I know what it’s like to be a poor kid going to school, not having enough money to do everything I wanted to do. I want to make sure these athletes have a chance to do things for fun.”

Two students receive first-ever UH West Oʻahu creative media scholarship

Mavric Agustin-Carino and Mikaela Briones are recipients of this first-ever full scholarship in the ACM program. They will receive multi-year assistance and an additional $1,000 annually to support their studies and enhance their experiences at UH West Oʻahu.

From surfer to “sherpa”

Looking back, Kitajima thinks if you would have asked people right after high school if they thought he’d make it to where he is now, they would have said, “No, and I'm not going to invest any resources in helping that person.”

That is precisely the kind of student Kitajima wants to help in the future.

Donors help Class of 2020 Take Next Steps to their Future

Almost 1000 students are also participating in free Next Step: Career Exploration UH Community Colleges summer onramp courses. These online courses help students learn about career options and focus on their goals while earning college credits.