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No major university can grow and excel without a healthy mix of public and private funds. Private contributions leverage public funds and maximize taxpayer dollars. Through partnering with philanthropic investors, our university can sustain excellence and enhance the student experience, making our campuses learning destinations of choice.

Many of the donors who give major gifts to the University of Hawaiʻi do so to support a program, school, or area of study that they believe in. Without exception, their gift has a major impact on our students, faculty and campus community as a whole.

Education can never be taken away from me

Nursing has taught me to be humble, compassionate, patient and empathetic.

UH Hilo soccer star continues to inspire

"You knew who she was right away: outgoing, loyal, and a very good friend."

HDS and UH join forces for children’s oral health

Programs reach out to elementary school students in underserved communities.

Doctoral student works with invasive fruit flies

I hope to obtain a position as a lead scientist with the USDA, potentially to help eradicate invasive fruit fly species from agricultural fields.

Weinman Symposium Ensures Continued Partnerships

“Top-notch science, totally new ideas; and some of the scientists who attended are our co-authors.”

PBR HAWAI‘I Celebrates 50 years with $50K Scholarship

Local firm sets up scholarship for UH Mānoa Department of Urban and Regional Planning.

Maui chocolate maker presses on for community’s benefit

The first harvest came in; the new factory was ready—just in time for the pandemic.

Celebrating friendship; supporting discovery

A lifelong interest in anthropology, a commitment to academic research and a friendship standing the test of time.

A safe place for fearless ideas and daring dreams

The thought of pushing my dreams aside crossed my mind, but I knew I had a greater purpose.