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UH Foundation's Annual Giving department is alive with UH students who report to work each night knowing that through their efforts, they will raise important funds for the university. This money is designated by donors to support areas such as scholarships, library acquisitions, equipment and other valuable resources that greatly enhance the student experience.

The Student Calling Center hires students who want to develop professional work experience while making a difference in their UH community.

If you are a student at any of the ten UH campuses and love UH, please consider a position working in our calling center. Submit an application online, or contact us for more information at (808) 956-8797 or The student callers make 150,000 calls per year in support of UH. We hope you enjoy your call when you are called to support the university.

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Matthew StrubaMatthew Struba
Aloha, my name is Matthew Struba and I’m currently a Natural Resources and Environmental Management Major. Working here at the University of Hawaii Foundation has given me the opportunity to help raise funds for scholarships and other various areas within the University of Hawaii’s 10 campuses.  One of the best reasons to work here at the U.H foundation is the opportunity to speak with friends, family, and alumni and hear how passionate they are about supporting their university. The experience and networks I have built here at the foundation will last a lifetime. 
Kevynne Fountain-Pokipala
Aloha! My name is Kevynne Fountain-Pokipala and I’m a student supervisor at the Foundation Call Center. I’m currently a Sophomore at Kapiʻolani Community College working to finish my Associates degree before I transfer to UH Manoa and pursue a Kinesiology degree. I’ve been working at the call center for just over a year, and I am so thankful for this job. Here at the call center I have learned many important skills that I can utilize in the future. In my free time I love to hang out with friends, exploring the island and making new memories that will last a lifetime. In the future I hope to become an athletic trainer and be able to give back to the Foundation that has given me so much.
Darryl Kaneyuki
Darryl Kaneyuki:
After pausing my career as a stylist to go back to school, I decided to work at the call center because of its proximity to campus and flexible hours. Learning quickly that this was not an easy job, I became distraught but as I got better at calling I realized the feeling of speaking with alumni and helping my alma mater is a priceless feeling. Knowing that the funds I raise help not only Manoa but all 10 campuses of the University of Hawaii School System help me feel proud to be a student. Working at the call center has also taught me life-long skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life which I am so very appreciative for
Tia ManglallanTia Manglallan:
Aloha! My name is Tia Manglallan and I am a supervisor at the UH Foundation Call Center. I am currently a student at Kapi’olani Community College completing prerequisites and I will hopefully be pursuing my nursing degree at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I have been working at the call center for almost a year and have met many amazing people on and off of the phone. I am constantly learning new things that translate to my life outside of the call center and have driven me to be outstanding. As a student, I understand the financial struggles of going to school and I am so proud to be a part of an organization that positively impacts our community! I am grateful for all of the help I have received and thankful to our donors who invest in our undergrads! When I am not at school or work, I love to go to the beach, eat at new restaurants and travel. I’m excited for my career as a nurse, and can’t wait for my phone call from fellow UH students so I’ll be able to give back one day too!
Matthew SchultzMatthew Schultz:
Hello! My name is Matthew Schultz and I am a Kinesiology major. I'm from California and have been working at the University of Hawaii Foundation since February 2016. Working at the foundation has provided me with great opportunities for learning and professional development. The best parts of working at the call center are the driven, inspirational coworkers that make work a pleasure, and getting to speak with the incredible alumni who participate in our campaigns. Outside of the call center, I have a passion for sports and the great outdoors. In the future, I hope to become a successful physical therapist, and contribute to the advancement of the profession.
Meigan FlanaganMeigan Flanagan:
Hello! My name is Meigan Flanagan and I am one of the student supervisors at the UH Foundation Call Center. I am a sophomore at UH Manoa studying human nutrition and food science. My ultimate goal after graduating college is to work in a hospital as a registered dietician where I hope to make a difference by helping & counseling people with diabetes. My time here at the call center has been amazing and I have learned so many things that I know will definitely help me out in future employment and in the classroom as well. One of my favorite things about working at the call center is hearing chancellors and deans talk about upcoming events and programs being held at all 10 UH campuses. I am really looking forward to the day that I can give back to the foundation. If I am not at work or in school, I like to go to my favorite beach in Waimanalo!
Gabrielle CarvalhoGabrielle Carvalho:
Aloha! My name is Gabrielle Carvalho and I am a student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I plan on pursuing a business degree so I can own my own business. I have been working for the UH Foundation since I started college at UH, and I have gained so much knowledge from my experience at the call center that will benefit me in the future. I have learned how important it is to give back and help support other students who are also passionate about being successful in a career one day. Other than working and attending class, I like to spend my free time exploring the beautiful beaches on Oahu!
Gina WatanabeGina Watanabe:
Hi! My name is Gina Watanabe and I'm currently a Biology major at the University of Hawaii. I started working at the UH Foundation since September 2016 and it has been my pleasure to have met such a dynamic group of people. Besides being able to help other students and UH Campuses, there are so many things that I learn from our very own donors and it motivates me to keep doing my best everyday. From day one, I've loved coming to the UH Foundation and will be working hard to do what I can to make a difference! Besides work and school, I have a passion for coding, art, education, and good food.

Application Deadline

On-going Recruitment
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