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Lance Wilhelm: Estate and Gift Planning Committee Chair UHF Board of Trustees

Tell us a little about yourself:
I graduated from Kamehameha Schools Kapālama Campus, and went on to UH Mānoa where I received a bachelor's degree in Communication. I started working for Kiewit 23 years ago because I really needed a job and they happened to be hiring at a very entry level position. I worked for some wonderful people who taught me a great deal about the construction business while letting me try my hand at a lot of different jobs. Almost 6 years ago I was given the opportunity to be the Senior Vice President of Kiewit Building Group and Area manager over all of Kiewit's building projects here in Hawaiʻi.

I have been married to my wonderful and very understanding wife Marcy, for the past 24 years and we have 2 beautiful daughters, Kate and Lindsay.

Why did you join the UH Foundation board?
My reasons for getting involved with UH are quite simple. I am both a product of the UH System and a beneficiary of past charitable benefactors. Not only did I get what I believe to be a superior education at UH, I was able to complete my work there, in part, because I received a number of scholarships and grants. It just makes logical and emotional sense to me, that when one is a recipient of a gift, it is incumbent upon that individual to see to it that they do something in their lives to repay that gift. My efforts are only a very small attempt to pay my many blessings back.

What does the Estate and Gift Planning Committee do?
We oversee and support the activities of the Office of Estate and Gift Planning (OEGP) team at the UH Foundation. What that means at a practical level is we try to help develop plans and strategies for outreach as well as being advocates and spokespersons for the activities at the board level. We are called upon to review and approve some forms of gifts as well as develop programs to demonstrate our gratitude to the many donors who have and continue to support UH over the years.

What are the benefits of estate and gift planning for donors?
There are many reasons some of our supporters choose to make their contributions through an estate or planned gift. Often it enables the contributor to make a more significant gift than they might otherwise make. It sometimes helps to satisfy a desire to leave some form of lasting or legacy gift behind upon their passing. It can also sometimes be part of an overall estate planning program which often includes retirement income. The OEGP team is very well versed on all matters related to estate planning and charitable gifts and can satisfy the wide variety of interests represented by our donor community.

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