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Event Date: July 24, 2016

On Thursday, July 21, 2016, the University of Hawai‘i ‘ohana gathered to congratulate and celebrate the 2016 Regents and Presidential Scholars, a chosen few of Hawai‘i high school graduates with a record of outstanding academic achievements representing the best and brightest from across the state.

“You come from different places, different islands and different backgrounds, but you all have one thing in common,” said UH System President David Lassner. “That’s that your hard work, your focus, your dedication and your achievements have earned you this honor.”

Joined by their families and friends, scholars had the opportunity to meet members of the UH ‘ohana and chat about their academic goals in anticipation of the upcoming semester.

“Maybe you’ll end up becoming the next great filmmaker, the next great chef, start your own business, create a social media empire, maybe you’ll discover a planet that can actually sustain life in the universe,” added Lassner. “The opportunities are endless, and this is when you can discover your true passion.”