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Event Date: May 22, 2012

The Foundation's endowment is our most important financial asset - with a value of more than $200 million. Every year we send our endowment donors specific information about their accounts and general information about the endowments performance and investments. We also give our donors an opportunity to learn a more about the investment process and our investments at our annual Investment Seminar.

This year's Investment Seminar brought together more than 120 donors, UH faculty and friends with an interest in learning how the Foundation manages private contributions to maximize return and minimize risk for the benefit of the University.

C. Scott Wo, the UH Foundation's Investment Committee chair graciously mc'd the event. Donna Vuchinich shared how endowed gifts positively impact UH students, faculty, research and programs.

Paul Liu, managing director of Cambridge Associates, gave an overview of Cambridge Associate's investment philosophy and how different investments are used in different economic circumstances. He also explored the Foundation's asset allocation; the current market environment; and the endowment's historical return.

Steve Caruthers, vice president of the Capital Group, gave a very interesting presentation about emerging markets and projected how these markets will look by 2015. He closed with the note that emerging markets "are at the center of today's investment universe".

This year, for the first time, we also hosted a seminar in Hilo at the Hilo Yacht Club on May 23.

Photos by: Scott Nishi | University of Hawaiʻi Foundation