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Available Cash:
Cash available to spend as of the date of a report.

Contribution Receivable:
Outstanding amount due on contribution commitments. 

Dollars Invested:
Principal amount invested in an endowment account.

Drill Down:
A drill down (identified in blue text) allows you to instantly view additional information related to that field.

Endowment Units:
Shares of the UH Foundation endowment pool owned by an endowment account.

Total amount of dollars that have been paid out of the fund. Click here to view expense categories.

Fiscal Year:
The Foundation uses a fiscal year, or 12-month accounting period, starting July 1 and ending June 30.

Fund Balance:
Net amount of total revenues and expenses for a specified period.

Interfund Transfers:
Total dollars that have been transferred between other Foundation accounts.

Market Value:
Current value of the dollars invested in an endowment account including market gains and losses. Value updated quarterly.

Object Code:
A four-digit code used to classify transactions, such as expense and revenues.

Object Total YTD:
Total activity from July 1 to end of report period.

Pledge Contribution:
Contribution commitment to be paid at a later date; if paid in installments, no longer than 5 years. Recorded as revenue in the fiscal year commitment made.

Prior Balance:
Total activity from July 1 to beginning of report period.

An account established as an entity based on its purpose.

Project Number:
An eight-digit numeric code that represents an account number.

Prompts (Report Prompts):
Prompts are the fields used to restrict data when running reports. A value is required for each field.