Who Gives

$500K Gift Funds Queen Lili‘uokalani Distinguished Professorship

The powerful and moving quote by Queen Lili‘uokalani above serves as an inspiration for the Queen Lili`uokalani Trust to perpetuate her legacy of care and compassion for the orphan and destitute children of Hawai‘i.
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Giving Opportunity

Dr. Daniel Rubinoff, UH Insect Museum director, holds a museum specimen of the native Hawaiian sphinx moth, Hyles calida (Sphingidae).

Save Native Insects, Protect Our Natural Heritage

The UH Insect Museum is more than just storage for insect specimens – now more than a quarter of a million strong and counting, including some of the most complete and important collections of insects native to Hawai‘i.
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Campus Gift

Sports Trailblazer Honors Family with Scholarships

Ivanelle Hoe, a proud UH alumna and lifelong P.E. teacher at Castle High, is honoring her mother Grace Hoe (pictured), her family, and nurses with scholarships at Kapi‘olani CC.
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Funds Raised for UH in 2015:


Funds Raised by Source

Alumni $82,666,008
Other Individuals $20,443,913
Corporations $12,012,156
Foundations $9,262,942
Faculty & Staff $2,599,796
Other $1,777,540
Parents $294,208
Students $16,388

Funds Raised by Purpose

Student Aid $40,888,715
Faculty & Academic Support $33,980,265
Chairs & Professorship $25,375,128
Research $9,914,566
Special Programs $6,562,073
Athletic Programs $5,882,017
Program Enrichment $2,025,341
Other $1,646,018
Public Service & Extension $1,615,889
Property, Buildings & Equipment $713,314
Libraries $469,626

Ways to Support Our University

There are so many ways to give to the University of Hawai‘i. Every gift counts, no matter how small!
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For Our University, Our Hawai‘i, Our Future