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Your support helps turn students’ dreams into reality and provides hope for a bright future for Hawai‘i

Our University of Hawai‘i campuses nurture in students an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge, analytical and practical skills, and clear pathways to promising futures.

As an Indigenous place of learning, UH is a world leader in developing and implementing pathways fostering diversity, equity and inclusion across all communities of faculty, students and leadership. We see it in increased graduation rates for first-generation and Native Hawaiian students. While the gap remains, we will close it with bold philanthropic investments.

Donors are key to helping our diverse student population and prospective students fulfill their academic potential, ensuring our state has the skilled professionals and conscientious citizens it needs.

Donor opportunities for enriching our student body, attracting our world’s most promising students and faculty, realizing success in the classroom and life, and tackling intergenerational inequities for UH and for Hawai‘i include:

  • Funding student success and access to college through innovative programs leveraging the strengths of our 10-campus system, ensuring students statewide have multiple points of entry to higher learning — and multiple avenues for continuing it. With high school summer programs, the Hawai‘i P-20 partnership and other hands-on opportunities, UH is reaching into our historically underrepresented communities to eliminate barriers once thought to be impassable.
  • Support for student aid, scholarships and awards, helping students fulfill their academic potential while ensuring our state has skilled professionals necessary to flourish.
  • Commitments to capital improvement projects, enriching students’ experiences with safe, state-of-the-art facilities, technology and equipment on campuses statewide.
  • Visionary endowments supporting faculty recruitment and world-class programs.

Generational change for our communities means investing in our students’ success from everywhere in Hawai‘i, and nowhere is our donors’ impact more evident than in hard-earned diplomas and certificates. The university’s steadfast supporters know their gifts to UH are gifts to Hawai‘i.

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