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For more than a century, the University of Hawaiʻi has worked hard to make higher education accessible to all. Whether through one of the seven community college campuses or one of the three four-year campuses, UH is expanding its efforts to attract the most promising students, regardless of their financial circumstances.

As college costs continue to rise, the amount of private support for students must as well. Gifts to scholarships and student aid help us to retain our best and brightest and to provide access to a life-changing higher education experience for our students.

Forever grateful for a UH education
Dayle Onishi believes that a bachelor’s degree from UH gave her opportunities to learn and grow.
Relationships inspire gifts to honor family, culture
“We first gave to the university because of relationships. We continue to give because of these – and so many more – relationships.”
Scholarships make science more accessible to a broader audience
Carlos Tramonte is a first-year PhD student studying marine biology at UH Mānoa’s Hawaiʻi Institute for Marine Biology.