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Creating opportunities for more students

Your gift to the UH Equity and Access Fund can transform families and neighborhoods. It is a bridge for students who are first in their families to attend college. It reaches into our island communities where college attendance is not a foregone conclusion. It lifts up our friends and neighbors who make UH campuses the most diverse in the nation. This fund supports students who:

  • Demonstrate financial need;
  • Are the first generation in their family to attend college; or
  • Are one of UH’s under-represented student populations.

Preference will be given to Hawai‘i residents.

Why give to this fund?

  • The standardized and broadly-written criteria for this fund allows for a streamlined award process. This removes a significant barrier for under-represented and vulnerable student populations.
  • The streamlined award process also allows for students to be notified of awards in April-July as part of the usual financial aid cycle, so they have a more complete picture of their financial aid package when deciding if/where to attend college.
  • As a donor to the UH Equity & Access Fund, you will receive annual reports with information about student recipients and how your generous support is helping them thrive.

First-Generation Students at UH

  • 1st Gen: 11,041 (22%)
  • Not 1st Gen: 28,940 (58%)
  • No reply: 9,613 (20%)

Note: First generation students refer to those who self-reported being the first in their immediate family to attend college. Data source: UH Institutional Research & Analysis Office, Fall 2020.

Scholarships Change Lives

“Receiving a scholarship did not benefit just me, but created a ripple effect for my siblings. My whole family is grateful … I hope to one day start a scholarship and return the favor for future STEM majors in Hawai‘i to give them the same opportunities that I received. Thank you, donors, for instilling hope and confidence in us, and helping us fulfill our dreams.”

Naphtali Tolibas, student scholarship recipient

Naphtali Tolibas
Donald Aten

“Being able to go to UH on a scholarship was a turning point in my life. For that I am deeply grateful. I want to do the same for others who are just starting out. With education, doors open. Without a university education it is very difficult to get anywhere.

Were it not for the scholarship I received, I wouldn’t have been able to earn my degree. I want to be able to do that for someone else.”

Donald Aten, scholarship donor

Let’s start a conversation

If you’re interested in supporting our students, we would love to learn more about what you would like to achieve with your philanthropy.

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