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UH Foundation's Annual Giving department is alive with UH students who report to work each night knowing that through their efforts, they will raise important funds for the university. The student callers make 150,000 calls per year in support of UH. These funds are designated by donors to support areas such as scholarships, library acquisitions, equipment and other valuable resources that greatly enhance the student experience. If you wish to reach out student caller team during working hours, please call or text (808) 468-6051.  We hope you enjoy your call when you are called to support the university

The Student Calling Center hires students who want to develop professional work experience while making a difference in their UH community. If you are a student at any of the ten UH campuses and love UH, please consider a position working in our calling center.  

Submit an application online, or contact us for more information at (808) 956-0983.  

Meet our Callers


Aloha! I'm Bella and I'm a marine biology major originally from Los Angeles, California. I came to UH because I intend to go into shark research and Manoa has one of the best shark research labs in the country. I have been working at the call center since my freshman year and applied so that I could meet new people and better my communication skills. Since then, I have been able to hear the stories of donors, alumni, and friends of the university, and I have loved hearing what they've done since UH and how they are connected to the colleges. Since working at the call center I have been able to see how the work of one student can make a difference in so many areas and hope to continue to spread aloha even after I graduate.


Aloha mai kākou! My name is Bryce and I’m a Political Science and Hawaiian Studies major at UH Mānoa. I was born and raised here on the island of Oahu. I decided to attend UH Mānoa because I wanted to stay home and contribute back to my community and my culture. I love surfing, paddling, and singing with my friends. I started working at the call center a year ago and am a student supervisor now. It is wonderful working here because I get to make a difference in people’s lives and I have the amazing opportunity to give back and contribute to the university. I’m so grateful for all the things I’ve gotten to learn here, and I can’t wait to continue growing my skills.


Aloha yan Hafa Adai! My name is Kalea and I am currently a Psychology major coming from the Northern Marianas Islands! Being born and raised in the island of Saipan is what initiated my move and decision to go to UH. I wanted a familiar island community as a start and came to expand on my psychological studies on pacific islanders in hopes to go back home and help out my community’s mental health and rehabilitation. Since being at UH I have always wanted to become a student caller and once that opportunity arose I gladly became part of the team in my Sophomore year! I am beyond excited about the work we do as a foundation with the university and with our goals generating aspirations each day to become better. The purpose of the foundation is what made me so interested in ecoming a passionate caller! One day I hope I can relay that same passion the foundation has dawned upon me to my professional work as I obtain my degree as a child and adolescent psychiatrist.


Aloha, my name is Ariana. I am currently majoring in marine biology at UH Manoa after moving here from Atwater, California. I came to UH because it is the best place for me to study coral reefs and sharks. I started working at the call center my freshman year of college in 2021. I originally applied because I thought it would be great a great opportunity to make a difference and build communication skills. Since then, it has become so much more than that. This job has given me a chance to further connect with the campus and its members. I’ve gotten to know the deans of so many amazing colleges in the UH system. Hear all the amazing stories from alumni, faculty, and friends.

Most importantly it’s given me the opportunity to step up and be a student supervisor to an amazing group of student callers dedicated to making and difference and improving. I can’t wait to continue to grow here.


Aloha! My name is Jolie, I am from Queens, NY and I am a senior at University of Hawaii at Manoa. UHM was my dream school, and I am so happy that I can live out my dreams. I study communications to be a radio or talk show host in the future, hoping for my own show that changes lives one day. I started working at the UH Foundation in September '21 and I love this job. It gives me the opportunity to meet new friends as well as make new connections over the phone with friends of the schools. I’ve also been able to take the skills and attributes from this job and use it in my everyday life as well as apply it into my future career. On Fridays, I DJ at KTUH from 12 pm- 3pm HST and my show is called Aloha Fridays with Jolie the Icon. I also enjoy writing poetry, playing with simulations and having deep conversations.