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UH Foundation's Annual Giving department is alive with UH students who report to work each night knowing that through their efforts, they will raise important funds for the university. The student callers make 150,000 calls per year in support of UH. These funds are designated by donors to support areas such as scholarships, library acquisitions, equipment and other valuable resources that greatly enhance the student experience. If you wish to reach out student caller team during working hours, please call or text (808) 468-6051.  We hope you enjoy your call when you are called to support the university

The Student Calling Center hires students who want to develop professional work experience while making a difference in their UH community. If you are a student at any of the ten UH campuses and love UH, please consider a position working in our calling center.  

Submit an application online, or contact us for more information at (808) 956-0983.  

Meet our Callers

Raquel Cortez

Aloha! My name is Raquel and I am from Sacramento, California. Currently, I am pursuing a communications major and a psychology minor here at UH. I decided to attend UH Mānoa to continue my higher education while learning more about the island and its culture. After college, I aspire to travel around the world before I dive into my career in sports marketing. I started working at the call center in August 2021 and have grown my skills in communications and leadership tremendously since then. This job has given me the opportunity to not only grow individually but also be able to connect with people from all over who love UH just as much as I do. I have made some of my best friends here at the call center and continue to look forward to connecting with more friends and alumni of UH!

Ricks Aczon

Hi, I’m Ricks! I was raised here on Oahu and I’m currently studying Architecture at UH Mānoa. I decided to attend UH Mānoa because it’s close to home and has courses and programs that I’m interested in. I’ve always been interested in doing design related work and UH was the best place for me to study design and landscape designing. I started working at the call center during my freshman year of college. It’s been a cool experience working here. When I first started, I thought it would be an opportunity to build my communication skills. Over time, the call center has helped me improve that skill. It has also given me more opportunities to meet new people, like friends and alumni of UH, and connect with them. I’ve also been able to gain more knowledge about the campus that I wouldn’t have known before working at the call center. The skills I gained and improved in the call center have also helped me even in my everyday life. I’m happy to be a part of the team and look forward to growing more here!

Yasmeen Kazaz

Aloha! My name is Yasmeen, and I'm a Marine Biology and Political Science major at UH Mānoa. I was born and raised in Orange County, California. I knew that choosing a path where I get to work closely with the ocean every day is the best fit for me. When I learned that UH has an amazing marine biology program and does great conservation work, there was no doubt that I would spend the next 4 years here. During my freshman year, I applied to the call center on a whim after seeing a poster in the hallway of Hale Aloha Lehua. I'm glad I took that opportunity because becoming a part of the student caller team has impacted my life for the better. Working for the UH Foundation has allowed me to make lifelong friends, expand my knowledge of the campus, and improve my communication skills. Listening to the stories from friends of the school inspires me to do better and aim for success. When I graduate from UH and become an alum, I'm excited to receive a call from a future student caller one day!

Laura Friberg

Hi! I’m Laura, currently in my undergrad at UH Mānoa studying Global Environmental Science and Political Science. I decided on UH because of its great funding for research within the areas of my interest, as well as the surroundings of the college, since studying environmental science on an island isn’t too bad. Working at the engagement center has helped me build my network and gain so many skills within communication, and leadership, all things that are extremely prominent, especially for my future after undergrad. Overall, it’s just a great environment to work in, and I continue to appreciate being a part of this team, working for such a great cause.