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Gift/Data Processing

Event and Membership Deductibility and Insurance Worksheet Instructions - (pdf)
Transmittal of Contribution Instructions - (pdf)
Transmittal of Auction Proceeds Instructions - (pdf)
Transmittal of Donated Items Instructions - (pdf)
Transmittal of Non-Cash Gifts Instructions - (pdf)

Movements of Money

Transmittal of Other Income Instructions - (pdf)
Transfer of Gift, Fundraising Proceeds or Other Income
Transfer of Expenses
Transfer of Funds - Quasi
Transfer of Funds to Purchase of Tickets / Tables for UHF Events
Transfer Funds Memo - Close Account

Finance Forms

Account Setup

Request for Establishment of Account - Orange Form

Account Changes

Change in Account Administrator
Change in Support Staff Viewing Access
Online Fund Update Request

Codes for Finance

Chart of Accounts


Check Request
Purchase Order Requisition
Request for ORS Agreement
• To modify or follow up on an existing request,
please send inquiries to [email protected]
Instructions - (pdf)

Payment Request Form for Student Aid Recipients - Concur
• To process payments outside of Concur, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Additional Expenditure Documentation

Record of Sole Source and Verbal Quotations
Missing Receipt Affidavit
Verification of Employee - Independent Contractor
Certificate of Academic Activity
W-8BEN - Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting
P-1 - Reasonable Cause Affidavit by Payor
Prize Acknowledgement - Instructions
Purchase of Equipment


Endowment Impact Report
Donor/Honoree Biography Submission Form
Event Planning Outline
Email Communication Request Form
Data Request Form (Fillable PDF)
Sample Check-in Form (xlsx)