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Please use the form below to submit the biographical and inspirational information that influenced and motivated the donor or honoree to support the Univeristy of Hawai‘i.

Sample Biographical Information
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Biographical Background

  • Date and place of birth
  • Family information; father, mother, siblings
  • Spouse/children
  • Where lived


  • Where attended school
  • Degree(s) earned/year of degree(s)
  • Participated in what clubs/activities
  • Held what honors

Career/work experience

  • When/where worked
  • When retired

What makes him/her special

  • Major achievements

What was important to him/her

  • Attitude toward education & its importance
  • Values that guided his/her life


  • Served on what boards
  • Belonged to what clubs

Other, etc.

  • Special interests
  • Hobbies

Contact Informaton

Please provide your contact inforamtion in case we have questions or need more informnation. 

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Biographical Information

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