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UH Foundation Account Activity Reports

Just a friendly reminder as we close Fiscal Year 2017, please keep in mind cash available balances in the UHF Account Activity Reporting System reports for the new Fiscal Year 2018 (7/1/2017 and after) will not reflect accurate account balances until Fiscal Year 2017 is closed.

Once Fiscal Year 2017 is closed, all cash available remaining in the accounts from Fiscal Year 2017 will be automatically rolled into the new Fiscal Year 2018, and reflected in the account activity reports.  We plan to close and complete the rollover of cash available by the second week of August.

Please submit all Fiscal Year 2017 invoices by July 26, 2017 in order to ensure an accurate and timely Fiscal Year end closing of our financials.

Please review and reconcile transactions posted to your accounts periodically. Additionally, please verify that the account administrators and support staff listed on your account are updated.

Current System Status (June 14, 2017)


  • Issue report date - May 8, 2017: We are currently having issues with reports used to access UH Foundation account documentation. We are working with the vendor to resolve this issue.


  • Issue report date - May 10, 2017: Issues have been identified with the Student Aid Cash Available report.
  • Issue report date - May 8, 2017: The Beginning Cash Available value is not calculating properly in the Project Fund Balances and Cash Available by Unit reports.

UH Foundation Account Activity Reports System Access

Online access to UH Foundation Account Activity Reports is available to all account administrators and their support staff. Please note that the system can accommodate 6 account administrators and administrative support staff per account.

To request account access:

  1. Fill out the online access account request form.
  2. A hardcopy memo from either the account administrator or the dean/department chair authorizing access to specific accounts for administrative staff. This memo should be sent to Annie Wu at Bachman Annex 12 (no faxes).
  3. Once the memo is received along with the UH Foundation Account Activity Reports account request form, access to the accounts will be added to the specified accounts.

Request Access Login Report Guide

Other Useful References

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