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We are committed to a vision where students attend the college of their choice based not on their ability to pay, but on their ability to succeed in the classroom.

The first permanently endowed scholarship was created at the UH Foundation in 1976. Since then, the tradition of providing opportunities through private gifts has grown to help more than 3,000 students each year.

The impact of a scholarship has a an effect felt far beyond the student helped. The students success, thanks to the scholarship, may inspire younger siblings or the student's own children to pursue higher education after high school. The student will be able to make more money with a college education and be a better provider for his or her family. In addition, that student will touch thousands of lives through his or her career whether it is in health, education, business, research or some other field.

When you provide a scholarship for a student, you do more than help them financially — you impart a lesson of generosity and concern for others that they incorporate into their own lives. Our files are filled with letters from students describing the impact that their scholarships made on their lives, and their hopes that one day, they will be able to provide scholarships for future students just as their donors did for them.

By investing in a student, you improve their life, their family's, and our community.

If you are interested in making a real difference in a student's life, please contact Malia Peters, our senior executive director of scholarship development.

Malia Peters

Senior Executive Director, Scholarship Development
t (808) 376-7876

Eric Melch

Associate Director of Scholarship Development
t (808) 376-7877

Polly Fiaui

Assistant Director, Scholarship Relations
t (808) 376-7878

Tanya Olegario

Assistant Director, Scholarship Payment Administration
t (808) 376-7879

Ali Bond

Scholarship Administrator
t (808) 376-7880

If you have documents that are required to be faxed, please use (808) 356-0318.

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