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April 6, 2017

Help the Kapi‘olani Community College Culinary Competition Team bring back the gold from the 2017 American Culinary Federation (ACF) Nationals taking place July 13, 2017, and future competitions.

Why do we compete?

Why do our culinary students turn away from, say, socializing with friends and instead dedicate themselves to competition? One student explained, “Competition is a teacher, too. Through endless repetition I am learning that I can own a process as I become intimately familiar with it.”

2016-2017 Student Team Member

“It’s all about developing individuality and breaking barriers to give students a chance to speak openly, honestly and with confidence.”

- Chef Jason Peel, Team Coach

“Competitions play a vital role in culinary arts as they continually raise the standards of culinary excellence. There is no better way for a culinarian to hone their craft than by putting their skills and knowledge to the test in a competitive format as provided by the American Culinary Federation.”

- Chef John Richards CEC, CCA, CWPC, Dean - Kapi‘olani Community College

Why do we need financial support?

Culinary competition is a very expensive undertaking. If not for the help of our community, alumni, industry partners and donors, Kapi‘olani CC would not be able to compete at a local, regional and national arena with comparable levels of resources that private culinary schools enjoy.

Thank you for helping us get to the 2017 ACF National Competition and future competitions. After winning the local competition... and then the regional competition... our funds have been depleted... the cost of winning!

Kapi‘olani CC’s Culinary Competition Team is ready to represent our College to the world in the finals... and bring home the gold!

How your gift will help us get there

National Convention fees per student $700
(6 students) = $4,200

Room accommodations per student $1,000
(6 students) = $6,000

Airfare per student $1,000
(6 students) = $6,000

Baggage per student $60
(6 students) = $ 360

Meals per student $280
(6 students) = $1,680

Excess Baggage (10 bags @ $150) $1,500
(equipment, tools, specialty technologies)

Ground Transportation (2 vehicles) $1,500
(To transport team and equipment from home base to competition site)

Marketing $3,760

Total Team Funding - $25,000

Questions? / More Information

If you would like to learn how you can support UH students and programs like this, please contact us at 808 376-7800 or send us a message.