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Season 11

Publish Date: October 18, 2012 - Updated:

2021-2022 Adopt-a-Beehive With Alan Wong

The Buzz

Chef Alan Wong teamed up with UH Hilo in 2011 to build awareness of the critical plight of honey bees through the successful launch of the inaugural Adopt-a-Beehive with Alan Wong program. Now offered for a 11th season, this innovative program supports the education of student beekeepers, promotes research and development of healthy beehive practices in Hawai'i, and educates the public about the vital role that honey bees play in sustaining agriculture.

You can participate by adopting a beehive for the 2021-2022 season at UH Hilo's Farm Laboratory in Pana'ewa. You will receive an official certificate of adoption (optional), as well as periodic reports and photos of your assigned bee colony from the UH Hilo student taking care of your hive.

Other program benefits include a personal supply of honey/honey products, along with invitations to join Chef Alan Wong at bee- and agriculture-related activities held at UH Hilo and elsewhere.

Impact of Adopt-a-Beehive

Make a direct impact on the sustainability and health of Hawaiʻi's honey bee industry by joining Chef Alan Wong to:

  1. Promote research and development of healthy beehive practices, increase the number of successfully managed beehive colonies in Hawaiʻi, and produce a steady pipeline of educated and experienced beekeepers, both professionals and hobbyists.
  2. Support students in an educational setting in order to develop the next generation of innovative and progressive farmers.
  3. Train student entrepreneurs in developing business opportunities using honey and honey by-products.
  4. Educate the public about local food production and the need to reduce Hawaiʻi's dependency on imports, as well as about issues threatening honey bees' role in sustainable agriculture.

Adopt-a-Beehive Program Options: September 2021 - May 2022 Season

$300 - Worker Bee: Your donation of $300 (all but $20 tax-deductible) will support the adoption of a beehive at the UH Hilo Farm Laboratory for one season, and entitle you to receive regular reports and invitations, plus 1 quart of honey from the UH Hilo apiary.

$500 - Drone Bee: Your donation of $500 (all but $50 tax-deductible) will support the adoption of a beehive at the UH Hilo Farm Laboratory for one season and entitle you to have your name placed on the hive. In addition to regular reports and invitations, you'll receive 2.5 quarts of honey from the UH Hilo apiary.

$1,000 - Queen Bee: Your donation of $1,000 (all but $100 tax-deductible) will support the exclusive adoption of a single beehive at the UH Hilo Farm Laboratory for one season and entitle you to have your name (and company logo, if applicable) placed on the hive. In addition to regular reports and invitations, you'll receive 1 gallon of honey, plus value added products from the UH Hilo apiary.

Adoptions may be made in your own name, or you may designate another person to receive a gift adoption along with all the program benefits. Adopting a beehive for a child or a classroom is a great lesson in sustainability for the next generation!

Note: Weather and other factors will dictate honey distribution dates, based on availability. Sign up early!

Join Chef Alan Wong and Make a Difference

All proceeds from Adopt-a-Beehive with Alan Wong are accepted by the UH Foundation and used to support the priority needs of the UH Hilo Beekeeping Program, including student support as well as supplies and materials.

Sign up

Make a gift by mail - Download form (pdf)

Note: To receive the full program experience, we suggest signing up before December 31st. After December 31st only partial benefits are provided and you may want to consider participating next season.

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Did You Know?

  • More than 80% of our food supply is directly or indirectly associated with honey bee pollination.
  • Honey bee populations around the globe are rapidly declining due to parasites, pathogens, pesticides and other potentially urban-related factors.
  • In the U.S. alone, nearly 40% of managed honey bee colonies are disappearing every year, posing a threat to the nation's entire food chain.
  • Across Hawaiʻi-where honey bees have helped to sustain agriculture for over 150 years-bee colonies began collapsing in 2007 due to the invasion of the varroa mite.
  • UH Hilo's College of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resource Management has been training undergraduate students in practical beekeeping skills for more than 30 years.

Groups photo Alan Wong and kids

The Adopt-A-Beehive with Alan Wong program has awarded more than $27,000 in scholarships to beekeeping students at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo.

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Scholarship benefits student beekeepers and promotes sustainable agriculture.

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Join Chef Alan Wong and Dr. Lorna Tsutsumi, Professor of Entomology at UH Hilo to learn about the critical role bees play in our lives.

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Adopt-a-Beehive is featured in the Fall 2011 issue of Edible Hawaiian Islands!

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Learn about the evolution of Adopt-a-Beehive. How do you like your pancakes - with honey?

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Information on UH Hilo's beekeeping programs and more.

Beekeepers in action.

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Questions? / More Information

If you would like to learn how you can support UH students and programs like this, please contact us at 808 376-7800 or send us a message.

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