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Event Date: March 6, 2012

Speakers highlighted the impact of private support in the lives of our students and on Hawaiʻi . The cumulative impact of giving is impressive. Last year, $10.6 million was contributed by donors to support scholarships. Additionally, more than $10 million was distributed to students at all ten UH campuses, fueling academic success and bright futures.

As donors and their student recipients finished their dinners and conversations, the UH Mānoa cheerleaders energized the room with their chants and dance routines, culminating in a MAHALO cheer. This was followed by a short video with a special message to donors that featured student scholarship recipients.

By the time the evening's celebrations were over, UH pride and appreciation had brightened everyone’s day despite the gloomy weather.

To all the donors who so generously support our students, we thank you!

Photos by: Sebastian DeGiorgio & Scott Nishi | University of Hawaiʻi Foundation