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Publish Date: November 7, 2017

Three University of Hawai‘i graduates discuss the ways financial aid helped them experience “something spectacular” at Hawai‘i Community College. Dr. Barbara Bongo Arthurs began her educational journey in a Quonset house in Wai‘anae where she was told she could never afford college, but scholarships led to multiple graduate degrees and a career in administration at UH Hilo and Hawai‘i CC.  Today, she is a proud donor. When Cheryl Dias earned her Associate’s Degree from Hawai‘i CC as a nontraditional student, she was reluctant to apply for scholarships.  A counselor encouraged her and now she intends to pursue her Master's degree. Hawai‘i CC provided an opportunity for Maui-grown Matthew Ruiz, Jr. to make new connections.  Scholarships empowered him to make the leap without taking time away from school.

Vastly different lives touched by the generosity of others and by UH.

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