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Glossary of Terms

Available Cash: Cash available to spend as of the date of a report.

Contribution Receivable: Outstanding amount due on contribution commitments. 

Dollars Invested: Principal amount invested in an endowment account.

Drill Down: A drill down (identified in blue text) allows you to instantly view additional information related to that field.

Endowment Units: Shares of the UH Foundation endowment pool owned by an endowment account.

Expenses: Total amount of dollars that have been paid out of the fund. Click here to view expense categories.

Fiscal Year: The Foundation uses a fiscal year, or 12-month accounting period, starting July 1 and ending June 30.

Fund Balance: Net amount of total revenues and expenses for a specified period.

IFAS: Integrated Financial and Administrative Solution. University of Hawaii Foundation's accounting system.

Interfund Transfers: Total dollars that have been transferred between other Foundation accounts.

Market Value: Current value of the dollars invested in an endowment account including market gains and losses. Value updated quarterly.

Object Code: A four-digit code used to classify transactions, such as expense and revenues.

Object Total YTD: Total activity from July 1 to end of report period.

Pledge Contribution: Contribution commitment to be paid at a later date; if paid in installments, no longer than 5 years. Recorded as revenue in the fiscal year commitment made.

Prior Balance: Total activity from July 1 to beginning of report period.

Project: An account established as an entity based on its purpose.

Project Number: An eight-digit numeric code that represents an account number.

Prompts (Report Prompts): Prompts are the fields used to restrict data when running reports. A value is required for each field.

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