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Thanking Your Scholarship Donor

Thanks to generous donors, scholarships and awards are available to help you get the financial support you need and recognize your accomplishments.

UH Foundation Scholarships

Scholarship and award recipients receive an email at the beginning of the semester requesting that they write a thank you letter to their donor.

To keep our donors' contact information confidential, we ask that thank you letters be mailed directly to UH Foundation. We will forward to the donors on your behalf.

Writing Your Thank You Letter

  1. If possible, address your letter to the contact person for your scholarship. If you don't know the name of your donor, please contact the UH Foundation Scholarship Office.
  2. Include the name of your award in the opening paragraph. Some donors support multiple areas and schools and referring to the name of your award makes your letter more memorable.
  3. Express your thanks and tell your story. Donors want to hear about you and how their gift has made an impact.
    • Some topic suggestions include:
    • What the gift has meant to you
    • How the gift will help you this academic year
    • Your area of study
    • Your background and past academic interests and experiences
    • Your future goals and aspirations
  4. Please proofread for grammar or spelling.

Mailing Your Thank You Letter

Please mail your letter(s) or card(s) to the UH Foundation address below so that we may forward your letter to the donor on your behalf. Please do not send your letter to the donor directly.

UH Foundation
Scholarship Department
P.O. Box 11270
Honolulu, HI 96828-0270

If you have more than one award, or there is more than one donor, please write a separate letter for each. If you have already written a letter of thanks to the donor(s), please let us know by sending us a copy.

Contact information:
Polly Fiaui
Assistant Director of Scholarship Relations
(808) 956-6788

For other scholarships related questions you may also visit the Student FAQs section.

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