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UH innovation 

UHF Trustee Rich Wacker shares why a robust partnership between Hawai‘i’s business sector and UH innovators can help drive economic growth and job creation.
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Scholarships matter 

Watching her divorced parents both struggle while working two jobs ignited Char’s determination to do her best. Today, she is an inspiration to others.
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Land mammals preservation 

People are encroaching on wildlife habitat, with tragic results for animals and the environment. Read about the new scholarship that strives to find sustainable balance. 
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Lives well-lived 

A remarkable journey that involved historical leaders from China and Hawai‘i forms the colorful backdrop to UH alumni Chee Kwon and Sau Chun Wong’s philanthropy.
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Enhancing education 

As a girl, retired Leeward CC provost Sharon Narimatsu was fascinated by history. She poured herself into books from her local library, dreaming of seeing Europe. Access to resources is something she believes is essential in enhancing education.
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Endowed Scholarships from a UH grad 

As a first generation college graduate from a financially disadvantaged background, Dr. Calvin S. Y. Chun understands the difficulties facing students from low income families.
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Cultivating agriculture stewards 

Attorney Eric Haws specialized in bankruptcy law during a time when many farmers were losing everything. “We often had things like large bags of walnuts or other produce around the house that my father took as payment for his services,” said daughter Maria Haws.
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For Nana 

“It is funny to have a music legend in the family. To me, Emma Veary is just Nana. Honestly, I never realized her talent, fame and her importance to those in the music world.” Grandson Isaac Kneubuhl recognized his grandmother with a gift.
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Enhancing Okinawan Studies 

Kama and Kamato Akamine immigrated to Hawai‘i from Oroku, Okinawa, in the early 1900s. Their hard work and personal history inspired their daughters to endow a fund in their honor.
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Boost to new Facilities Management program 

The Ingersoll Rand Charitable Foundation awarded $25,000 to support a pilot program for facilities managers to achieve a Sustainable Facility Manager certification through the International Facility Managers Association (IFMA).
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Chair preserves architect’s legacy 

Bruce Etherington's passion extended beyond UH and into the far reaches of the world. Applying his architectural expertise, he developed low-cost housing alternatives that changed lives.
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JABSOM faculty give back 

Dept. of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health faculty at the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) are involved in nearly a third of births in Hawai‘i. Many of these physicians practice medicine through the University Health Partners of Hawaiʻi (UHP), which is JABSOM’s faculty practice plan. JABSOM UHP faculty are giving back in a big way.
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Heritage Society Symposium 

This year, the Symposium featured UH experts who engaged guests with topics ranging from climate change and genetics to Queen Kapi‘olani and Wahine Basketball.
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UH Hilo Scholarship Celebration

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UH Mānoa and UH System Scholarship Celebration 

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Honolulu CC Celebrate! 2016 

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UH Mānoa: Battle of the Monkey Kings 

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